walk through the wetlands at Helgeå west of Kristianstad, past the bird-rich meadows, the medieval castle ruins Lillö, Härlövsborg, deciduous forest with ponds.

June 5, 2011: Take the train to Kristianstad. In Hässleholm is the train filled with people who have been at the popular music festival Siesta in Hässleholm. In Kristianstad, I go down to the bridge over Helgeå to the visitor center. The hiking trail Linnérundan goes from here upstream of Helgeå to the Channel House (Kanalhuset), a small outdoor museum. From it I overlook the reed beds. On a boardwalk through willow thickets and marshes. A cuckoo is heard in the north. Arrive to a cycle path along a road, a bridge is over the road to the meadows on Isternäset.

A cattle-grid leads the path into the meadows. The path goes at the edge of meadows, this is a bird protection area, it is up to July 15  forbidden access on the meadows. At the trail is a platform. I Vview through my binoculars the meadows. At a distance is water. At high tide can here be flooded and impassable. Do see some birds, but it's too far away for my binoculars. Seems mostly to be geese. Perhaps a bittern that I hear? There is a sound I know, there sits a lapwing. Continuing on the path towards Helgeå.

At the bridge over the first arm of Helgeå is a man fishing. After the bridge is Lillö castle ruins on an island, the remains of a medieval castle surrounded by a moat. Walk the bridge over the other arm of Helgeå. In the fields graze cows. Here is a car park. Continuing on the road past Lillö Kungsgård. Onto a gravel road, and then a path past thicket. Here was a medieval castle, Härlövsborg, contemporary of Lillö. Today, only a hill. One have found wood residues by a drawbridge over the moat and traces of the moat. It was a wooden fortress.

Coming into a forest with a few ponds. Adjacent to the trail is an observation tower. Crawl up to it and looks out over the treetops towatds Isternäset. Birds I do not see. Climbing down, cross a road, here was once Härlöv meadows, rich in bird life, but was in the 1960s made into a dump. Today is the dump hidden. I am again at the visitor center.

This time I had a dry walk, my previous visit was followed by thunderstorms. It is dry and warm today. Goes to Fornstugan in the Tivoli Park for a coffee and ice cream.

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