Visitor Centres wetlands (Naturum Vattenriket) 'an exhibition full of experiences', on what to see in the wetlands at Kristianstad.

28/12 2010: Just over a month ago Naturum wetlands was inaugurated . Helge river is frozen under the bridge over to the visitor center. Birds flock by a strip of open water. The building stands on stilts in the middle of the currently frozen wetland. An interesting architecture to symbolize a nest in the reeds. I walk to the roof terrace, overlooking the city and country. A bunch of kids join me. Inside, I can look down over the cafeteria. Outside the cafeteria tables and chairs are covered with snow. Sit therefore inside and eat a baguette with Västkuströra, there are no meals, only sandwiches and salads.

The exhibition hall is divided into different stations. Once this was swampy and unhealthy place, and even a garbage dump was built on this worthless site. Today, it is a wetland, "vattenrike", and biosphere area. Attitudes are changing. An aquarium and a monitor display the fish present in the wetland. With a humorous element. Descriptions of bird life, this is a place with eagles. A movie is shown with cows on pasture, there are meadows open to preserve the flora. In a stream, you can learn about the life that is in it. It is also possible to examine a bit of it. In the kids' corner is a giant model of a catfish as big as the largest known in Sweden. Roughly three meters.

Saving the best thing to the end, a ride in Opteryx, a strange craft. A simulator. Takes place. It shakes and we'll go off like a helicopter. Through the windows we see the landscape pass by. We fall down and takes off like a boat, and then fell down as submarine and look at life under water. Bang, crack, bump, it's dark and quiet. What happened? Fixed at the bottom! The door is opened and the tour is over.

Outside is something akin to a frozen pool. Ask at reception what it is. Not a pool, the steps are for those who happen to fall in. Intended as a gathering place, perhaps concerts, etc. .. . To the west of the building is a parking lot.

Before I go home I stroll along the River Helge å. Both from the park Tivoliparken downstream and upstream Kanalhuset is the visitors centre sticking up above the reeds. On the way to the travel center I go into the Holy Trinity Church. Built during the Danish period 1618-1628, a large and bright church. Someone is snoring in there! See nobody. Light a candle. Studying the nativity scene and the organ. A man in a suit and tie enters. Take my hand, "God bless you, may Jesus be with you," he says in English and puts a hand on my head. I flee! Damned.

Naturum Vattenriket