south of Skäralid. One of Skåne's best preserved basalt coups. Basalt coup is a residue volcano crater. When magmam cooled cracked it up in five-hexagonal columns. These can be seen clearly here in Rallate.

February 8, 2015
One of Skåne's best preserved basalt coups. Derived from the Cretaceous period, approximately 110 million years then it was in the middle parts of Skåne full of volcanoes. Basalt cup is a residue volcano crater. When magmam cooled cracked it up in five-hexagonal columns. These can be seen clearly here in Rallate. Coming from Skäralid, just before the site is a parking pocket. About ten meters from the road into the woods is the place.

It is located on a hillside next to a pit. The pit is said to be the result of the peasants in the 1800s took marl as a soil conditioner. A column is cracked, maybe someone has knocked on a column, so as to ensure a clean fracture. A stream runs down the slope. Since my last visit there have been a footbridge up the hill. It's chilly, ice hanging on the branches above the creek.

Short visit to Kopparhatten. Stops on the way home at Bialitt, known from the TV program with the same name in the 1960s. Good soup lunch.

December 7, 2008
I put the car in the parking place of Skäralid. From here I go south along the road. After about one kilometer is along the road a parking slot, shortly after is a small stream coming down from the slope in the west. A sign says that Svalöv municipality begins here. I walk into the woods with the camera and tripod, jumping over the brook. My backpack has gone up, and some of the content drop into the water. I swear when I fish it out of the water. Ten meters into the forest is basalt columns, the remains of lava from an ancient volcano. The volcano has been completely eroded away, what is left is the lava that when it stiffened burst into these jagged pieces. The columns are much clearer seen here than the one on the nearby Jällabjär. The brook murmur down from the slope and continue around the columns. I sit on the 'top' eating my lunch. I go up the slope with the idea of finding Skåneleden higher up and go back on it. The land seems rooted, maybe there is a lot of wild boars here. I hear a few shots, hunting going on? It is wet, stony, and a rather difficult walk. Moreover, it starts raining. I instead walk the road back to Skäralid. Bus 518 passes on the way to Stehag. If you do not want to drive then you can take the bus to get here. Coffee! No you can not get any, the restaurant is closed November to February. Naturumet has closed December-January. I drive to Röstånga. Opposite Röstånga Inn is a nice café, where I get my coffee, which has also a small handicraft exhibition, and a teashop. I buy christmas tea. When I am leaving Röstånga is the sun showing up.