Wanås konst
in the park to Wanås Castle. It displays contemporary art, every year invited artists create art in the park.

July 12, 2021
Arrives just when it opens. Corona-adapted queue to the entrance. Walk a short round before our acquaintances arrive. Start by looking at the lodge where hand-painted scenery by Martin Jacobson which was used in Jonas Gardell's "Queen of F * cking Everything". Have not seen the show but the scenery is magnificent. Passing by Yoko Onu's wish tree, many pieces hang in them. Walks the path around. Listens to Lindberg De Geers "Mamma" in the woods. At the colorful "Primary structure", which is used by children as a climbing frame, we make a traditional detour to the favorite armchair of reeds, which is actually a seated Buddha figure. Back by the pond and the seated woman peeing by Sidén. Have not seen her pee before. Time for lunch in the café. Gets a little confused about the queues and what to order. Finally find out that you can order salmon salad in the outdoor queue and pick it up inside. We do so. Goes well for our acquaintances, but our salads they forgot to make. So have to wait for ours. A little sad. Finishes with a visit to the store, finds nothing to buy.

July 9, 2016
At the entrance ants clinging to the wall. It is being rebuilt. Restuarant is closed. Cafe is in the building at the Wishing trees. Eat vegetarian buffet. Viewing artwork we saw last year, and this year's new.

Stone wall counts as art. Shortly after Kirkeby's brick house is a path to the eighth chimney. Continuing the main trail. At the yellow-painted "I will stop loving you" is a path to Snapphane oak. Nature art. From 1400s. Here one have hung snapphanar. Beyond it is the red wall "Stigma".

In a cleared street from "The Pyramid" is a position with Horn, "The Hunt chair for Animal spirits". A path leads there. Then past the 'playground' "Primary structure" and Straw armchair "Meditation in Beechwood" to the highlight of the year "In Dreams". Things on mirrors and music. The up the observation tower of the embankment "Eleven minute line". The other highlight is the ants that climb the castle facade. Clustering on the balcony. The rest of the year's newcomers are not so interesting.

Take coffee and cake in the cafe. Sitting in the shade on a bench. It is damp. Becomes a wet spot in the butt. Looks crazy.

June 14, 2015 (published 3/7 2015)
Plenty of room in the parking lot. Starting with cappuccino and lemon pie in the sunshine outside the farm building with Cafe Fredholm. In the farm building with the mirrored watches on the gable is store, art gallery and entrance. Where you pay entrance fee 130 SEK. Nearest the castle is private, otherwise it is free to roam around the park with the artwork. The exhibition of the year is "Barriers - Contemporary Africa".

At an underground storehouse is an upside down room, where you go on the roof. Vertigo. Puts a wish in Yoko Ono's wishing tree. A graffiti horse is watching. Following a path in the woods. Tests the swings hanging in a tree. Large balls are in the tree tops. Passing a Per Kirkeby typical brick creation. Voices calling for mom.

Turn right again to one of the year's work. A black woman in purple dress surrounded of red dogs "Let slip the dogs of war" calls for resistance. Continue ahead and take a path over a hill to another of the year's work. A wild boar face made of tree logs. It has probably lost a bit of the look, a little flat and lacking an eye. Fine anyway. Returning to the main line. Pass through a pyramid.

At a climbing frame "Primary Structure" is a path into the woods to a chair-like figure, a seated Buddha without head. Made of reeds. "Meditation in a beech wood". Fine. Going back. Among the trees is a large clam. Trying out the bench by the pond towards the castle. Slightly uncomfortable to lie on.

A sphere which is sprung out of a rock. At the pond edge is a peeing woman "Fideicommissum". Difficult to understand the name. The grass under the rank. She does need right now.

Take lunch in the cafe. Lasagne and vegetable pie. We share half a piece of each. Then goes along the east side of the dam. Castle, people, rhododendrons are reflected in two walls. In the forest stands a lonely man, Gormley's "Together and Apart". Under the rhodondron are leaves, natural works of art. On a pier is singing heard. Illustrates seals sound.

Drive home.