Jakten på Gullspira
is a hiking trail at Hovdala Castle. The eastern part goes over a height with a view, through forest, past beautiful Hammarmölledamm and a library building that never finished.

April 21, 2019 East part, ca 10 km
Beautiful weather and warm. Many visit Hovdala. We go from Hovdala castle on the eastern part of the trail Jakten på Gullspira,"Hunt for Gullspira". The name is from a goat kitten who escaped, got lost and experienced adventures. See how adventurous it gets. First up at Äspehöjden with a view to the castle and Finjasjön. Where the trail enters the path over the pasture is a picnic place. Continue over Äspehöjden with a view towards Finjasjön, out on a dirt road, then into paths in forest. The leaves have started to open up. The flora consists of wood anemone. Up a sandy road, over it lies trees and branches. It has been cleared around the road. On path through forest, past a pond, up to the brook from Hammarmölledammen at Mjölmöllan. Mountain bikers ride by.

The path rises to the height above the stream. Through the forest down to the pond. Following its edge a bit, the path leaves the pond to go up a hill with a picnic place. Past large stones down to the bridge over the inflow to the pond. Takes the shortcut on the blue track through the forest to the gravel road that goes to the library ruin from the 18th century. The library was not finished, the developer died and no one wanted to build it. Therefore, this one now stands as a ruin.

Some people, a horse with rider passing by. Goes the gravel road to a viewpoint towards Finjasjön. Meet a man who likes to tell you how nice this is, he is a guide at Hovdala hiking center. Then the trail down the white track, that is the Jakten på Gullspira western part, towards the castle. On the way you pass a viewpoint where the castle's tower is glimpsed and there behind the Äspehöjden. Along a stream with the remains of mill, then you arrive at the castle. Ends with the cake Hovdalatårta at Fröknarnas Café.