Ivö kalkbrott
on the north Ivö is a disbanded quarry where one can find fossils.

August 6, 2014
Drive to Barum and take the ferry over to Ivö. In the northern part of Ivö is now disbanded limestone quarry. Following the signs Ivö klack. At the end of the road is a large parking place with information and toiletries. from the car park is a trail that goes around the quarry. Walking on the edge against a steep hillside. Following the path with the hope that it leads down to the bottom.

Coming into the forest. Trails leading out to the edge with a view. It is steep down. Coming down to the north shore of the island. Inside the forest are remnants of buildings. No path into the quarry. In there is a water body.

Has almost rounded the quarry when a path seems to lead into. Following it. Coming out on the bottom of the quarry. The ground is dry and cracked. It's a long hot summer. The walls are soil and sand. Some granite slabs.

Walk to the slope towards the path at the parking place. One hundred meters from the car park. It is not as steep as it looked. It is possible to go up and down here. Here are a lot of loose sand to dig in. Finds mussel oyster shells, and other things that I do not know. Looking for a good while. Very interesting.

It's desert heat. Eat a refreshing salad in the shade of some bushes. Continuing down to the water collection in the northern part of the quarry. Looking into the slope to the east of it. Will find nothing here. Needed shovel. Going up the slope in the east to the views of the forest. Steep last bit. Going back to the parking lot.

Following randomly a path west. The target is a picnic at the beach. Coming to a view point high above the water. Have coffee with view to, inter alia, Large Denmark, which is a small island in the lake. A path leads steeply down to the lake. A family with children gives way down. A man comes with a backpack, ax and firewood. He'll spend the night here.

Time to drive home.