Åraslövs mosse
is a nature reserve outside Vinslöv. Wetland with a variety of orchids. There is a lot of lily of the valley in the forest. A paved path goes over the bog.

June 10, 2020
Drive north on road 23 towards Hässleholm. Take at Sandåkra off on the road to Vinslöv. Then road 21 a short distance to the intersection at Vanneberga, turn north towards Vinslöv, after about five hundred there are signs to Åraslöv bog. In the end, it will be a narrow dirt road, nice not to meet anyone. The road ends at the parking lot to the nature reserve Åraslövs bog. We are here to find the rare orchid Early Marsh-orchid that are to be found here in a larger quantity. Some women sit down to lunch.

The path begins somewhat hidden at a work shed. At first a wide path, the edges appear to be freshly cut. The area is probably well visited. Meets men with tools who have probably cut the grass. Passes a gate. Then large rugs with lilies of the valley blooming. So beautiful, have not seen so much flowering lily of the valley in a very long time. The path splits.

We turns left, a path with boardwalk. Next to the path is an opening towards the bog. Gives us out in the wet. There, a Early Marsh-orchid. So nice. The first one. Other orchids are also bloom. Out on the bog there is the beautiful Quaking-grass. A wide string of lilies of the valley. Continues the hike on the path.

Follows the edge of the bog. Can go out at an opening towards the bog. More wax keys and other orchids. Here is a lot of Early Marsh-orchid. Some scattered pines. Fine Quaking-grass. The path rounds the bog. Partly boardwalks. A Butterfly-orchid is about to bloom. A footbridge leads out onto the bog. Several who are out botanizing. Beautiful stock with Early Marsh-orchid. Mixed with other orchids such as potted-orchid. A bogbean. A stump as a chair for a moment of rest for the admiration of the bog. The footbridge makes a turn over the bog before leaving. Out on the path is a sign that shows "Kärret 100 M" "P-PLATS 1100 M". We walk towards the parking lot. Angular Solomon's-seal edges the path. Pass the lilies of the valley to the parking lot.

There is another car in the parking lot. A couple is out walking in a field. We eat lunch, our wraps with smoked salmon. In the forest there have been too many flies for a quiet lunch. The couple returns. "Do you know where the path to the bog is?". Shows them right way. Then drive home.

GPS: WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 56.087362, 13.944182