trail at western Finjasjön through one of Skåne's most largest area of wet alder forests. A 1.6 km long boardwalk through what sometimes is called Europe's rainforest.

June 6, 2019:
Drive the road from Tyringe. Thought to park down by the bird tower, but the road there just before Finja church looks narrow. Park instead at the church. Goes down to the bird tower. A short distance past houses and we are at the footpath that goes through the swamp forest. Right now Yellow Iris is going to bloom in the forest. The footpath goes north. Around the sidewalk it is lush and marshy. I've been here before, but then it wasn't the season for the Yellow Iris. Many Yellow Iris that bloom, a lot in bud, along the footpath and further into the forest. It is common, found in many places, beautiful here in the swamp forest. It's a nice footpath, in some places there are tables and benches, but not wide enough to meet cyclists. There is chaos as they emerge. Turns where the footpath ends and walk back.

May 15, 2012: Goes off the bus at Finja church. The road goes north past pastures until a sign indicates "Alslingan", past the sports ground, then along a forest. A boardwalk is going into the woods, Skåneleden and Alslingan and I go into it. One of Skåne's most largest area of wet alder forest is surrounding the boardwalk. It takes me between the trees. It is relatively dry, the footbridge is easy to walk on. Outside the footbridge, I would not like to go. Passing a rest area with information boards. Yellow Iris blade has gained momentum but is not yet blooming it. A tumbled over tree shows how the marsh is. White flowers, I do not know what it is. Marsh-marigold bloom next to the boardwalk. A scrubby area. Trees are standing in high grass. A short distance on a prepared gravel path, then again on the boardwalk. Over an open heath.

Coming to the road that goes down to Finja observation tower at a marina. Outside is a bird sanctuary. A single crested grebe is what I see. Having lunch, then on the boardwalk through the lush forest. Bird cherry blossoms. The boardwalk is criss-cross the forest, open, here and there are meeting places on the boardwalk. The boardwalk ends, Alslingan turns back towards Finja. Past the bud stuffed lilies of the valley, fields and pasture. A flock of geese fly away. Up to here, I think prams and wheelchairs could do it, but the path here to Finja seems difficult. I'm back at Finja church where I take the bus to Hässleholm for a cup of "hot moments" tea and a latte pastry in the café Madrix at Vattugatan.

Also visited Finja church.