about a walk past St. Anne's Chapel, remains of monastery wall, Aosehus, Kungsstugan, the church, the museum, and food.

August 13, 2013
Get off the bus at Repslageriet. Walk Västergatan to Market Square "Torget". At Torget are the church, museum and tourist office. Gets a map in the tourist office which is in the same house as the museum, a red house that was city hall. At the gable is a staircase down to lavatories.In the northeast corner of the square is the remains of Saint Anne's Chapel, a chapel to St. Anne's Hospital, founded in 1524. It ended when Åhus lost city rights to Kristianstad hundred years later.

To the east of the chapel is a stone sarcophagus, it has nothing to do with the chapel. It was salvaged in 1958 from a ship that sank in the 1700's with a cargo of stone sarcophagi. Opposite the chapel is King cottage "Kungsstugan", a small half-timbered house. It got its name because, according to legend, Charles XI was hidden by the priest above the damper in the fireplace when the Danes sought him.

Then I go to the south of the square, onto Västra Varvsgatan, and down the Östra Hamngatan. Here is a small park with a brick wall. The wall is from a Dominican convent founded in the 1200s. A medieval monastery academy said to be Scandinavia's first university. Dominicans was expelled in 1536 during the Reformation. The buildings was used as county residence until 1617 when the seigneur moved to the newly laid Kristianstad. Then the monastery was left to decay and today remains only this brick wall.

Continuing on Gamla Skeppsbron. Past the Absolut Vodka, Åhus is well known for its distillery. Boats are moored in the harbor. Strolling along the harbor promenade, past the tavern and icecream boats, to Aosehus. The ruin of a castle probably built before the 1150th Strategically located where Helge river once flowed into the sea. It was destroyed in 1569. Read more on my site about Aosehus.

Along the harbor promenade are restaurant and ice cream boats. Eat fried herring, with a Samuel Adams beer, on Pråmen. To the other side of the river is a small tour boat that takes oen free over to the restaurant and smokehouse. The last day, the tourist season is over. Take the boat and buy smoked fish. Back again and eat ice cream on the ice cream boat. I am satisfied with the food.

Walk Stavgatan up to Köpmannagatan. On Stavgatan is the Cigar King's house that's hostels and bed & breakfasts. It was until 1915 cigar factory. Tobacco cultivation was common at the time. Walk Köpmannagatan back to the square and visit the church. The visit I've described on my page about Åhus church. Concludes with walking around in the museum. Where there is an exhibition about cleanliness. In a stand are old irons. There is also information about Aosehus with objects found there.