is a deciduous forest area with a ravine on Linderödsåsens northern slope. With a stone bridge and memorial stone.

April 8, 2021
Park by the old stone bridge over the river on the eastern part of Östra Sönnarslöv. Walk the path upstream to the grove with larch trees. It's time for larch trees to bloom with their red female flowers and yellow male flowers. Along the path through the plantation are some trees that are in bloom. Walk around and admire them. Further through the plantation, through the beech forest grove, the footbridge over the river. Then on the dirt road between the pastures into Åbjärs valley.

Had hoped for wood anemones on the ground. There are only a few. The sun shines through the branches of the not yet deciduous trees. The valley is nice in itself, with its rippling stream and steep sides. The brook is bubbling. Past the bridge over the brook. We sit down at a picnic table with a view up to the upper part of the valley. Enjoying our lunch, with coffee and cake.

Arrive at the site with a larger island in the creek. Do not remember that there was a bridge over to the island, must be something new. Goes over to the island. On the island is a picnic table. A bridge leads over to the steep side, where a wooden staircase goes up the precipice. New since last time too. Goes up, nice view over the valley, up there is a path away towards the country road. Going down again.

Walk the same way back. Where the pasture begins is the foundation of a house. Wondering how life was there once. In what was a garden are fruit trees. I remember once being told what it was like here, what I forgot. Maybe I remember wrong. At the brook in the beech forest, two women pick something, do not see what. Back among the larch trees to the car.

Drive the road towards Huaröd, where there used to be a small road to park on is now a parking lot to Åbjärs nature reserve. May park there next time.

March 30, 2014
Park at the old bridge in Östra Sönnarslöv. Going over the hill Harabacken, with its larch grove, some larch trees are in bloom. Todays excursion is the circular walk I had to cancel at my previous visit, had then a too sore leg. Cross the bridge and walk the forest road that after a while is a trail along the river. Having lunch at the river sitting on a tree trunk with the sound of flowing water. Better music than the sounds of nature does not exist.

The spring sun lights up the moss-covered rocks on the hillside. On the other side of the is the slope steep. The rushing water foam shines in the sun. Arrive there where I turned back last time. The trail goes steeply up the hillside. The path becomes barely visible, dissolve into traces. Below disappear the river from the view. Come to a forest road in the forest. A tree is surrounded by pillow moss. The road curves into the forest. Two large ant nests are adjacent. Passing a power line. Out in the open fields. Have coffee break in the sunshine at the field's edge. Almost too hot in the sun. The road is leading to Snattarp, fine buildings in granite.

Takes north past the wing, between fields. At distance are dozen deer. Through the forest, to the right at an intersection. On the road to Skogsma. Left on a dirt road. Oops, a hundred deers is on the field. Turn left on a country lane. The deer move up on a slope and disappear from view. The road goes to the bridge over the river, then over Harabacken to the car.


May 25, 2013: A walk along Söndre å.
Park by the old stone bridge over Söndre river in Östra Sönnarslöv. It is a fine stone bridge with two arches. I look into the vaults, the stones are perfect. In the pasture beside the river blooming fruit trees. Walking through the pasture, past a pasture, where the river meanders. Over the hill Harabacken with larch plantation, which is fenced. Coming to a footbridge over the river. Between the path and the river do ferns to roll up. Along the river blossoms some fruit trees. The river meanders across a pasture on the way from slope of the ridge. A two wheel road leads across the fields, with gates for grazing animals crossing.

The road continues some distance from the river through the forest. After a while, is a wide path down to the river. I take the path down to the river, where there is a bridge. Here I was the last time, then we came down the trail from the other side of the river. There is a narrow path downstream along the left side of the river. I pass a creek, the trail disappears upwards, that I have to explore another time. Stand for a moment and watch the river and listening to the pleasant tinkling sound. Returning across the bridge.

Following the path that goes upstream. The river glides among stones. The west side slopes steeply. Coming to a four path junction. To the right is a path to what looks like a ford. Like a mountain stream, I will try to wade across. Ops. I am about to fall over, where is the balance? Deep, is it also, it goes over my boots. I do not want to wade barefoot, the rocks are slippery, I should have my walking stick for support. It is at home in the wardrobe. I try in another place. I sit almost on my back. Where is the balance? Well, I'll try another time, with the walking stick for support. West side slopes steeply towards the river, but it is barely visible in the greenery.

The path to the left at the trail junction is going up to the road, I know because I am investigating it. I walk back to the trail junction, where I take the path straight ahead (compared to my previous specified directions) upstream. Through a groove of saplings, before I return by the river. Again it descends down towards the river. A magical atmosphere with rocks and fallen trees across the river. The trail continues up the eastern slope. Planned going to look into it, but my sore leg ache too much. I limp slowly all the way back.


30 July 2012: A brief visit by the creek and ravine.
We eat lunch at Ekerödsrasten. Pyttipanna, very good. Via Östra Sönnarslöv we drive up the road towards Huaröd. After a short distance is a twowheelroad into the woods. On it, is place to park a car. It's a steep but wide path down to Söndre river. The bridge over the river is damaged, standing next to it is a broken tree trunk. The water gurgle in below the cliffs. A couple sits with one of Karin Hoffmann circular walk books. We follow the path upstream to a place that look as a fording place. Today it seems easy to wade, not much water. On the other side is a steep toward the stream. We have an almost 90-year-old in the group, we decide to go the same route back to the car.


A memorial to a tragic event in 1838.
We refresh us with an ice cream in Öspabs plant stores. Drive east through the village and onto the gravel road to Skogsma. Sets the car along the road, and walk the road  past Skogsma, after the farm to the right on the road through the forest down to Söndre å. The road then follows the river downstream, some distance from the river. Past fields, up to a bridge over the river. We do not go over but taking right and follow the road between the fields. In the distance we see a large herd of deer. We leave the road and go along the field edge down to the river. Here stands a memorial to a tragic event in 1838:

Here died during
strong snowstorm
Magreta Simons
daughter Hindriksson
in Spångarp 24
Feb 1838

Follow the field edge back to the car. Drive to Maltesholm and go for a walk in the park. We've heard the thunder rumbling in the distance, but the rain has stayed away.