just south of Höör. Here millstones were broken for a long time. In the forest there are traces in the form of quarries and leftover millstones.

January 28, 2018:
Weather forecast says no rain. Parks at Backagården, a conference center. The only car. Passes the reception house, over a football pitch. Takes the blue track in the woods. Wet. Past a gymplace. Here millstones were broken for a long time. In the forest there are traces in the form of quarry and abandonment millstones. Can not remember exactly where. Excursion into the woods. Find only some small pits. Following the blue track. In two places small brownies sit in rice and roots. Where the track goes towards Stanstorps grave, a quarry there too, Instead, we go back on another path. Begin to recognize the hills and pits. Here are millstones. Some big, some smaller, some pieces. Water-filled holes. Ruin of a firehouse, for heating and repairing tools. The millstones have been inventedoried, every stone has a number. Back at Backagården. Did not get rain today. Drive to Ringsjö Wärdshus. Herring, curry rooster and char. View of Ringsjön.

13 September 2009: The forecast says first showers and then clearing up . At Ringsjön is it overcast and light rain. Put the car in the parking lot to Backagården conference center south of Hörör. At the last visit (2002), we could have lunch here, we happened to be come at a conference lunch. Today it is closed, the parking lot is deserted. Then we were here to look at a quarry for millstones. I do not remember how we went, I now choose a random path. In the woods are shallow pits after the works, and millstones. Information signs are here and there, some with text other without. Suddenly, I stand by the road. Wrong. Goes back, taking the next path. The path end at a road, follow it for a while. But where am I? Look at the map, totally wrong. Goes back, taking the next path with signs marking it. Enters a magic forest, this seems to be right. Feels weird, difficult to follow the trail, rain and dark. It would be the sunny, has no rain gear with me, I walk with my colorful umbrella. A sweet little millstone has aged with grace. It is hilly. Looking down into a pit, there is a large millstone. I slide down. Here is also the remains of a building. This is Maglasätegraven, a quarry around 1700-1800. The hills here are the result of the digging. A millstone is like a collar around a tree stump. Nearby is the road to Höör. Go out on it. A bike with one wheel rushes past. Entering a grass road. Here are the remains of a fire house, where they warmed themselves in the winter. Follow the path to Maglasätegraven. Sit under the umbrella and drinking coffee. There is more to see, including the quarry where the stones were taken to the Lund Cathedral. Do not have time to look it up, may be for more visits. Follow the path back to Backagården.