Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Stanstorpsgraven

Stenskogen is an of old quarries scarred and exciting forest south of Höör. Stanstorpsgraven is one of those quarrries.

21/8 2010: Stanstorpsgraven and a circular walk according to Hoffman. Train to Höör. Go south on the streets to a path that leads along the main railway line. From the quarry Stanstorpsgraven was here a narrow gauge railway to transport the stone. Walk through Tjuvaröd on gravel road to the highway. Trying to find the place where the railway went to the quarry. Perhaps, but it does not seem to be able to walk there. Too bad. Follow the path according to the book by Hoffman. The path goes through nice forest, past paddocks and stone walls. On a hill the forest is gone. Clear-cut area or a storm? Been here once before (2003) and then here grew, as far as  I remember, statuesque spruce here. The quarry is still heavily forested. It has an exciting character, scarred by the quarrying. Here is a large pile of rubble. Steep precipices. Any remnant of the railway I'm not really sure that I can see. A hill is assumed to be a mass grave after Snapphane battles in the 1600s. Stones with the hint of boreholes. Information signs indicating the activity that was until the early 1900s. E.g. were stone to the cathedral in Lund taken here. Boulders are strewn around. A nice spot for lunch. The dog likes it.

Returns to the circular walk: "Turn right at a sign saying that here ends the blue track." Um, where is it? Perhaps the one in which the text is barely legible. It's probably the path I went 2003. Ignore Hoffman's loop to Stanstorp. Take east on the gravel road past a house with thatched roof, then across the highway 23. On the trails and jogging paths on the height at Orup Hospital. Take a break and eat raspberries at a barbecue. Rounds a beautiful little pond. The road is blocked by gates at Tassahuset. We walk straight through the woods instead and come out on a bike path. Goes to the river Höörsån which we follow to Höör windmill. Hoping for a waffle, "Closed today". Well, perhaps too bad weather. Follows the pond, a short distance along the quiet river, up through forest to a beautiful cemetery. We are then in central Höör, and completes with taking the train home.