Pump house in Fogdarp
at the south shore of Ringsjön, built 1896. Used to fill water into steam engines on the railroad Eslöv - Hörby.

June 3, 2012: I have parked at the parking Snogerödsdammen parking, and I walk the path on the embankment of the former railway Eslöv - Hörby. The railway was opened in 1897. Then it was with steam, which was used until 1961. After that the route was operated with railcar until it was disbanded 1967. The rails are gone since then, and now one walk or cycle on the embankment. The trail Skåneleden follows the embankment from Pinedalen south of Ringsjön until Hörby. Steam locomotive need water and a pump house was built in 1896 at the station in Fogdarp, where I am going. One of the few remaining pump houses for steam locomotives remaining in Skåne. Another is in Vollsjö.

The embankment begins as a narrow road, but soon turns into a path through lush greenery. Passing a beach where there is a sign "Private Area". Can you really claim a beach area private? Does not shoreline protection apply here? From the thicket streams sweet birdsong. Unfortunately, I am tone deaf, and never remember what birds it is. With the song in my ears, much better than the modern listening to artificial sounds, I walk the path to Fogdarp.

Soon I'm at Fogdarps old station with the pump house. A sign informs briefly about the railroad and the pump house. The water was pumped up from Ringsjön to a tank at the top of the house. The water was filled in the locomotive with a pipe. Looking in through the windows you can see old photographs from the past. A railway map of the railroads that once existed in Skåne. Not much left of the railways that once existed. What's left here is the station house, it says Fogdarp on the facade. Probably a private residence. Part of the platform also remains. I sit down at the table next to the pump house and get energy for the walk back to the car.

If one do not want do the walk on the embankment, there is a road here.