Hjularöd castle
at Harlösa is a romantic medieval-like castle built after a French model 1894-97.

July 21, 2012: North of Harlösa, on the slope towards Vomb valley, is Hjularöd castle. A strange castle. A castle that gives a medieval feel, despite being built in the 1890s. The explanation is that the model is a medieval castle outside Paris. Drive up along Harlösa brook valley, which is well worth a visit too. From the outside stand battlements and towers up. The castle is private, the owner is active in agriculture, but the park is open. The limit is the moat. At the gate informs a sign. The palace is a striking sight, red brick, large towers, battlements, and surrounded by a moat. It's only knights and the princess that is missing. In the park are a few large stones for decoration. Behind the castle is a white building with interesting origins, cavaliers building. It was built in 1914 before a planned visit by the Russian Tsar to the Baltic Expo in 1914. It was a war started and the Tsar did not come, the building remains. Continuing around the castle. The moat has a small fountain.

The exterior of SVT's Advent Calendar 1996, Mystery of Greveholm, was recorded on Hjularöd castle.

Hjularöd castle
The Mystery at Greveholm