Tjutebäcken's ravine northeast of Landskrona in Råån's valley. Geologically valuable and interesting flora and fauna. Classified as a Natura 2000 site.

October 11, 2014
For over 200 million years ago was Skåne a desert. In the precipice toward the brook Tjutebäcken, Bälteberga ravine, at Bälteberga can one study desert sediments. From the road between Vallåkra and Bälteberga go down a country lane in Råån valley. At the beginning is a place to park. Is already a lot of cars. Talking to a man with a rifle. It is safe to go to the ravine. Shooting range on the other side of the road.

Walk the land route over to Tjutebäcken. After the stream a path goes left up along the canyon rim. It descends steeply to the brook. On my previous visits, I have not known that on the slope can one find deposits from the time when Skåne was desert for about 215 million years ago. If you look carefully down you can discern deposits. It is difficult to get down right there.

In the upper part of the gorge is a path down to the creek. From it turn off towards the valley. It is wet and slippery after rain. Humid and hot. Feels tropical. Hard to imagine that it was once desert.

Soon you stand under the rocks. Looks dangerous. Rock extends. The trees look like to fall. Must take hands as help to get to the rocks. Difficult. Touch the wall. Grit detachment. On the ground lies a scrub brush. Has been used to expose the sand?

Going back to the trail. Having lunch after the adventure. Flat bread with smoked salmon, eggs, mayonnaise and red chard. Following land route to see where it goes. Ends with an avenue to Bälteberga estate. Returning to the parking lot. Coffee in the oakhill adjacent to the land route.

November 6, 2011: Drive to Vallåkra. To the east of the railway crossing is a road to Bälteberga. After about a kilometer is a small road into Råån valley. In its beginning is a place to park. From there I walk down the valley. Towards the river is a dam, where it is most ducks swimming around. Across the river is the railway. To the east is a hillside with oak. The road is blocked by a locked gate, but there is a stile over the fence. Goes along the slope with oaks, lone oaks line the road. Coming up to a stone house. Meow, a cat is sitting on the stairs. Approaching my goal, Bälteberga ravine, where Tjutebäcken have made a deep valley. A valley with interesting flora, also interesting geologically. I'm no expert at all. Now it is autumn, no flora and the ground is covered with autumn leaves. The road cross the creek on a stone bridge.

Trying to make my way along the creek from the bridge, but it is full of fallen trees and it is marshy. After the bridge is a path above the gorge, take that path instead. Coming up in a beautiful forest, a pedestrian-friendly trail, and with dramatic views down into the canyon. It's really steep down, do not feel like go down there. Passing a large oak tree. Autumn colors sparkle. Approaching the ravine beginning, and here I can go down. Trying to follow the stream back, but it becomes wet and is difficult after a while. Climbing up the slope, wet and slippery, I must use my hands to help. I sit down on the edge, have lunch, with the ravine in my view. Walking back to the small road.

The brook and I continue out in the pasture at Råån. Goes along the river towards Ottarp. Is stopped by a fence. Returns to the small road passes a small pond. Going back to the car up on the slope with oaks. Drive home via Ålstorps bakery north of Löddeköpinge, buy a Gustavus Adolphus pastry with me home. It is the Gustavus Adolphus day today.