is nice park south of the railway station in Kristianstad, with a prom along the river Helge å.

15 Aug 2010: Bus to Kristianstad Travel Centre. Walk past Lilla Torg, with the sculpture 'Choir' at Speakers Corner, to the park Tivoliparken south of the railway station. Must pass a railroad track, an industrial track. Either on the road or in a dark and somewhat scary scrawled underpass. Selects the appalling underpass. The park features a large playground. With a scene as background is the naked Flora, it looks like she wash herself. Nearby is the ancient house, from the ancient 1880s and then museum, now a cafe. 'Closed if rain', is it written. Closed it is, but it is not raining. My umbrella is closed. Should be 'Open at appropriate weather' instead. I will not get any coffee. In the center of the park stands a majestic building, the theater. Bypasses some duck ponds, and a bird cage. There is also animals in wood  and a sculpture of a praying mantis. Here and there are memorial stones for the park's founders and benefactors. Behind the theater is a prom for a walk along Helge å. The 'Youth' is a statue in the form of a naked woman. My youth is belonging to ancient times. Without my lost youth, I sit on the stairs down to the water. Across the river out in the marsh is a building, over to the building is a bridge that is closed. 'It is not finished yet' says  a man, it'll be a visitor center that open in November 2010. Perhaps the reason for the flower bed that make the words 'Naturum (visitor center) 2010' in the park. In front of it is a calf. In the rose garden is it mostly over blossomed. In the northern part is a nice herb garden, some in bloom, and a toilet. Without my afternoon coffee, I go to the bus back home, without using the underpass. It frightens.