is a volcanic remnant with clear basalt cliffs in a pasture just west of Häglinge.

1 May 2021
Just north of Tjörnarp along road 23, at the roadside tavern Custon, a road goes east towards Ynglingarum. It is a gravel road. The road makes a U-bend. In the bend after the bridge over a stream is a field on the north side. Out in the pasture are the remains of the volcano Örnabjär. There is a small space for a car next to the road Opposite, a tractor track goes out into the field. So far, there are no cattle out there.

Walks along the tractor track. Fine pasture with junipers, single trees, groves. Here and there wood anemones bloom. The leaves of the trees have not yet emerged. Along the track are hints of basalt pillars. A few hundred meters and you see rocks sticking up. Fine and clear basalt pillars from the volcano. Really nice. A large collection with a few small ones around. The large one leans sharply, you can clearly see the hexagonal structure. Rises mightily. On the north side, wood anemones bloom. Goes to the forest grove behind the cliff. Here are several smaller remains on the slope to the east. A beautiful place. Returns to the main rock and eats lunch. The volcanoes in Skåne arose during the Jurassic period (200-150 million years ago) when the Pangea continent began to break up.

Enjoying the day, sunny and comfortable temperature. One do not want to leave the place. But we do it anyway. Sending a picture to my sister. The next day they drive here.

GPS: WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 55.99245, 13.681396