Marieholms yllefabrik
wool factory ceased in the early 2000s after more than 100 year with production. Today the buildings is currently - 2015 - used for flea markets.

November 7, 2015
Marieholms wool factory ceased in the early 2000s. Competition from low-wage countries got too large. The plates are left. A high chimney. Some of the facilities currently used for flea markets. Crockery, linen, glasses, utensils, you name it .... Some debris, some nicely. Old and new. As is flea makret should. A big scale is probably from the factory. Cable trays in the ceiling.

Find four little birds in glass. Handmade in Sweden. Maybe it. Two has the label Flygsfors glasbod. Like them, cost me 110 crowns. Two candlesticks in glass for $ 50, "Made in Sweden". There is a simple cafe, chilly in the premises.

Drive instead to the old cafe Wivex in Kävlinge and buy bread, Japanese, and buns. Do not take cards. A pastry shop of yesterday.