at Frostavallen the outside Höör. Lake in a scenic area. Walking trail around the lake. Fishing, hostel, beach.

October 2, 2011: Set the car in the parking lot beneath Storstugab at Frostavallen. Walk the path through a beech forest to Vaxsjön. In the greenery is a mound, if you go up on it you get a nice view of the lake. Around the lake is a walking trail, about three kilometers long. Does it clockwise. At random intervals stick small fishing piers into the lake. Coming up to the beach, with piers, and picnic tables. In a shed with graffiti are toilets. Two men are standing on one of the jetties and fish. People are walking and resting on the piers. I sit down on a stone and eat lunch. A family is sitting at a table with a large meal. Then I go and look at Frostavallen hostel with several cottages. Looks nice. Moving on to the back of Storstugan, then passes past the cottage Hagstadstugan which I think is a café in the summer. A cottage from the 1700s that has been moved here. Behind Storstugan is a bird park. In a pasture walk a few Nandu, a sort of ostrich. Oh Oh, they nibble at me. Naughty! Otherwise, the birds are in cages. Returning to walk around the lake.

On a bridge is a girl fishing. The trail passes through deciduous forest, then via the gates through a pasture. At the lake I see a beautifully situated house. As far as I know can one rent it. Moving on, the trail is lined with white birch trunks. Enters a beech wood. Trees are mirrored in a pond. Take a break at some picnic tables. See people come and go. The trail continues past a picnic place by the lake. In the water is a water-filled rowing boat. Passing the house, on through beech forest. A fishing pier is sticking out into the water between the reeds. Trees with fall color frames the view. Leaving the beech forest. Here I walked Skåneleden many years ago, it was then clear cut beneath the zoo Skånes Djurpark, located just east of the lake. Now, young trees have grown up. I'm going out on a fishing pier, the lake is calm. Passing through a pasture gate, and my circular walk is completed.