park area around the lake Trollsjön in Eslöv, rotunda with dance, disco golf course, playground, forest, and cafe.

June 25, 2011: I took the train to Eslöv and looked at Stenberget. Going from Stenberget to the park at the lake Trollsjön, do I pass a lush grove of trees at the park entrance. Among the trees in the south is a playground. Adjacent is a baby tree, full of dummies. Is it Mother and Father Christmas with happy faces standing there in the wood? Or troll? Between them sits an ugly old man. Best to leave. Around the pond are creeks and walks. The pond is Eslöv equivalent of Geneva's Jet d'Eau, though smaller in size. A man plays disco golf with his frisbee, a disco golf court runs through the park. I walk around the pond. A birdhouse is camouflage painted. On the square in front of the stage stands a maypole, Midsummer's Eve was celebrated yesterday. Opposite the stage, on the other side of the major street with an avenue, is a café. Adjacent is a dance floor and toilets. Two young women are sitting next to the dance floor. Shall I ask for a dance? Suddenly they turn their backs on me. Clear sign. Jackdaw on a table is flying away. Not that either. Well, there is no music and I can anyway not dance. Choosing instead to order coffee and apple cake in the café. The coffee I get in a thermos. How do I open it? Think Think, twist and turn. So do you do. Getting senile. My home I find still.