a 3.5 km long path at Trollenäs castle along the meandering course of a creek, with varied scenery. Magical lush deciduous forest, farmland and pastures.

13 March 2011: I park the car in the parking lot at Trollenäs castle. Passing through the park, past the Castle Cottage, Borgstugan in the summer a cafe, which is barred in anticipation of the season. At the car park after the bridge over the river begins Trollestigen, a 3.5 km long walking path along the creek. Spring is coming, snowdrops in the woods show their white heads. The brave can go over the river on a tree trunk. I follow the edge between the creek valley and arable land. Below the slope it is inaccessible. Coming to the small village Gullarp. Here, I make a detour off to the highway. There is an old abandoned graveyard. After examining the graveyard, I will make a description of that visit later, do I return to the village street to Trollstigen.

On the road I meet three inhabitants. They tell me about the village, once more people lived here, and it was good fishing in the stream. Discussing today's events, the earthquake in Japan, tsunami, and nuclear accident. Ugh yes. Moving on down the road, pass the bridge across the stream. Follow a tractor road, below do the river meanders through pastures. The road continues through a pine forest of some kind. After leaving the grove the trail leave the road, and continue on the meadows back to the stream. Here's a crossroad, a rotten old bridge, and a new stable bridge. Cowardly, I select the stable. Wander along the river, past the decaying trunks of trees, cross a small bridge. Then the path takes me away from the river, through a tunnel of trees, climb stairs and I'm back on the path along the edge of the field. Beyond the field is Trollenäs church. Back at the bridge over the river I seek a side view of the castle, Näs church, and Borgstugan.