memorial in Stockamöllan where Magnus Stenbocks army waded Rönne river on their way to the Battle of Helsingborg in 1710. About a hike past the site.

October 12, 2013
Stop in Eslöv and eat soup buffet at cozy Röstånga mill. Then drive on to Stockamöllan. Park at the country store Eliasson. Here's a beautiful environment at Rönne and an industrial museum, open on request, mills, canoe center for those wishing to go canoeing on the river. Along the road to the river are millstones, from the quarry time. A picnic table of a millstone, a company from a photo club is looking to find the motif, many find the rapids. So even me.

Walk the gravel road up to the memorial Stenbocksstenen. It is a beautiful autumn day. Autumn colors glow. In February 1710 it was cold. The Danes have invaded Scania in an attempt to retake the province. Stenbocks army is heading to the southwest, the plan is to drive the Danes against Helsingborg, and thus gain control of Skåne's breadbasket. In four days, the Swedish army starved and froze. The Danish commander has decided to retire to Barsebäckshamn. He got, however, a cold, which becomes severe with fever chills. An inexperienced take command. Thursday, February 18 cross the Swedes Rönne river at several places, including at this beautiful place. Winter is bitterly cold, the river was probably frozen and easy to get over.

Thousands of men, horses and everything needed get over the stream. Danes' new commander decides to retreat to Helsingborg. On February 28, stands the Battle of Helsingborg. The Danish army is crushed in a bloody battle. Maybe a banal cold changed Skåne's history. Overlooking Rönne river valley stands a memorial stone. This day is the ground covered of yellow autumn leaves. Slowly singles leaf down and fills the last vacant seats on the ground. Millstones are used as tables for those who want to eat lunch, snack, or just rest and think about the poor bastards who passed here starving a cold winter day for more than 300 years ago.

Moving on towards Bögerup. Following a marked yellow trail. Rönne river glimpse between autumn leaves. Coming out to the open pastures. At Bögerup farm take the trail north. The farm dates back to the Danish time, and was here at the time of Stenbocks passage. Swedish army raided for food, maybe the farm was plundered. Take east on the narrow road. Coming into the forest again. Going on a leafdresse twowheelroad. At a trail junction is a house, in the middle of nowhere.

Continue straight ahead on the black track, on a path through the forest. Until a forest road. Walk first north on the white track. Here is a great big millstone, Rävaklint. A memory from the time quarry. Sugar beets are are put in the forest, probably because of approaching hunting season. Where the road turns 90 degrees is the point of return, do not know how far the white track is,follow the black track.

Passing a clearcut. Walk a leaf decorated forest road up to the main road. A wind play around with the leaves. A short walk down the road, turn off onto a dirt road. A little shilly-shallying how to proceed. First go left, ouch treading into a pit.

Wrong way, turn. Ouch, treading into the pit again. Stupid of me. Limp ahead, but no nasty sprain. One should take a right immediately after the highway. Meets a lone girl on a beautiful road with autumn leaves as decoration. Is back at the starting point. A company prepares a canoe weekend, gaskets lie at the canoe center. A cat is on a footbridge over a rill.