Eslöv's Tower of Babel was built in 1887 by Christian E. Nilsson, called King of Eslöv. Built with stones left over when he built his house.

June 25, 2011: Taking the train to Eslöv. Röstånga Mölla Skafferi has "Closed Midsummer Day." Then I must have coffee somewhere else. Walk towards Trollsjön and its park. Passes on the way Villavägen where the Stone mountain "Stenberget" is located. An Eslöv's Tower of Babel. A spiral stone creation. On the rocks is a plaque:

community builder
and industrialist
Christian E. Nilsson
called King of Eslöv
built the Stome mountain in 1887
said to be inspired by G Dore's Bible illustration Tower of Babel
a grandson let make this plaque

You can walk up om it. I walk up to it, follow the path that spiral up to the top of this remarkable stone building. What is waiting me up there? A little disappointed I become. Nothing. Could have been a bench to rest on. Looking down over the edge. Hu, get dizzy. It's a new feeling, I have not suffered from that before. Hurry down and continues to Trollsjön.