Södertos fästning
In Söderto south of Hörby devoted himself a man his life until the his death in 1975 by building a fortress to protect against a Russian attack.

August 29, 2015 (published 23/9 2015)
Take the road from Löberöd to Hörby. Fotbllsgolf it says on a sign onto a gravel road to the east. After a while an intersection, take north on a gravel road. Out between fields east of the road stands a dilapidated strange house "Södertos fortress". A car is already parked. Park a little further down the road. Walking on the grass where there was once a stone fence. Wonderful house. His dwelling is gone, but the fortress stands. Although overdue, but interesting nonetheless.

Railway tracks, bedsteads, bicycles, potties. All have been used as reinforcement. It would serve as protection for him, inhabitants and the king. Must have been an original man. What a work done. The east wall, toward Russia, is extra thick with only one window.

At the entrance is a well. take me into the fortress. Stairs lead up to the second floor. Large hole in the floor. Up there I dare not. An abandoned couch. Accidentally bump into a pillar that supports the roof. The swaying, murk. The roof is supported passably with poles. Soon enough, everything may collapses. Go gently out again.

What a lovely place. Have thought to visit it for fifteen years. Finally done. Drive to Klinta kryddor och grönt for a coffee.

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