at Snogeröd. Observation tower with views of the pond and Finnhultsviken in Ringsjön. Nearby is an old bathing place.

June 3, 2012: On the road to Fogdarp east from Snogeröd in central Skåne, just after Snogeröd, is a sign "Bird tower" that points onto a narrow dirt road. Where I driveinto. At the road's end after a few hundred meters is the parking spot. Here was once a railroad Eslöv - Hörby along the Ringsjön. Today you can bike or walk on the embankment. At the embankment points a sign "Bird tower" on a gravel path to the ramp up on a the bird watching platform. A sign inform about birds can be seen in the ponds. There are quite a few, but none appears to me when I look out over the meadows and ponds. Sea eagle and peregrine falcon are temporary guests, but it is in winter. Farther away is Finnhultsviken in Ringsjön visible. Too far away for my binoculars. A creek flows beneath the platform. Stands for a while, waiting. Ah, think I see that shelduck couple. Coots, are almost everywhere. Out in Ringsjön a pair of swans. From the meadow inland I hear birdsong, but I can not see any birds. Up in the sky form clouds formations, swallows father around. The picnic table at the platform is nicely hidden in the greenery. I leave and walk the embankment towards Fogdarp.

A short distance away is Finhultsvik (former) bathing. The water is not so good in the lake, so swimming is not recommended nowadays. There is a place to park a car (there is a car), a picnic table, and a small sandy beach. With a notice that say you may not throw garbage here, next to it is a big heap of garbage. Reading comprehension is not the best for some. In a pasture graze a cow with her ​​calf. If it were not for the garbage and unfit for bathing, it would have been a picturesque place.

I walk on the embankment for a visit to the pump housing in Fogdarp before I drive home.