Skarhults slott
at Bråån east of Eslöv is a well-preserved Renaissance castle. Not normally open to the public, but during summer open with exhibitions

May 1, 2016: Lovers and mistresses.
This year's exhibition are about lovers and mistresses. Pleasure and desire. From the Renaissance to today. The view of sex has varied in time.

Some small rooms. In addition to the permanent exhibition "The hidden power of women." A bed and love letters. Some erotic drawings. A room with items, including an old condom, can not be pleasant. A first vibrator, depicted in the film Hysteria. Toys. Sadomasochistic gear. An old law advanced porn. Postcards.

Taking coffee in the cafe, sitting in the garden. It blossoms in the park. Walk around via the church, yellow anemones and a rippling stream.

April 13, 2014: "The women's hidden power"
I have passed Skarhult castle many times, and thought it looks exciting. A well-preserved Renaissance castle. Normally not open for the public. At the castle appears to September 21, 2014 the exhibition "The women's hidden power", 500 years of women's history at Skarhult castle. The castle's original parts is built during the second half of the 1500s by Steen Rosensparre. He was married to Mette Rosenkrantz. The first women in Skarhult castle. The car park is at a building outside the castle.

It is a mighty castle, originating in the 1500s. At the yard welcomes easter decoration. A staircase leads up to the exhibition floor. Admission 60 SEK. A large poster summarizing the females with the hidden power. A room for every century. There are guides to ask, also guided walks. Walk ourselves through the rooms and read the information boards. A different use of the castles was a household school in the mid 1900s. Surely these women had power, but was also tied to the view of women at that time. There is a book to buy about the women with the hidden power, they were business leaders of their time.

The park features QR codes with information. Such modernity, I can not read, but at the reception, you can instead get them on old fashioned paper. There is a tall tale that Skarhult castle once was lost at cards, by Ace of Diamonds. On the gable of the outbuildings are an Ace of Diamonds, on the flag is the Ace of Diamonds since. It is a tale, a red rhombus is Schwerin family, owners since generations of the castle, weapon. In the park is a ruin, built as such as a romantic element. A path is leading to the church, with graves of Schwerin. In the chancel of the church is a fine grave slab over Sven Rosensparre and Mette Rosenkrantz. He lies in the tomb beneath, Mette lies with her second husband in Denmark.

Walk back towards the castle, it begins to rain. The sundial does not show the time in this weather. Hurrying down in the café in the hunting basement "Jaktkällaren", with hunting trophies on the walls. Coffee and cardamom buns. The castle Lord himself sits down for a chat with the guests. Nice.

Skarhults slott