For those who think Sofiero rhododendron park is too majestic, then Sextorp southwest of Hörby is an option.

May 27, 2014 (published 10/8 2015)
Where is the car park! A large stone is blocking the entrance where one could previously park. Do one not want visitors in the park anymore? At roadside stands a car and an older man. Ask him, he does not know, but his company is down in the park. Sets the car at a blocked forest road. Meets the man's companions. "May one walk in the park?". "We walked there anyway." Walk the path down. There is no "access forbidden". Rhododendron blooms at we dam. Ducks swim around. Going the path that end at the highway. Along the path stands a stately trees. At the root blossoms Maianthemum bifolium, May lily. Going back to rhodondron curtain in the hollow, below the path to the former parking lot. Ferns are fine. Rhododendron looks sad. Hope this is an illusion. Eating lunch. Coffee at the food sitting on the bridge over the creek overlooking the pond.

11 June 2013: My own rhododendrons are in bloom, it is of the same type as my favorite bush of the rhododendron park at Sextorp. I have missed the flowering of it for many years. I make it an evening there. Indeed, it is in full bloom. It is larger than the last time I saw it flower so abundantly. My favorite is among ferns away from the pond, where the other rhododendron bushes are standing by the stone bridge over the creek. Also they bloom. Much of the other types of rhododendron have blossomed over.

6 June 2010: At the narrow road between Fogdarp and Lyby southwest of Hörby is a small castle in a wood. Sextorps castle, built in 1915, when the old palace burnt. It does not look like a castle, more like a big house. At the house is a beautiful rhododendron park with some ponds. For those who think Sofiero is too majestic Sextorp is an option. The park is open to visitors. I park the car at the small parking lot in the forest and goes on a path down in the valley. My favourite rhododendron bushes are not yet in bloom, but the fern in front has rolled up. I know nothing about the varieties, some flowering is over, others are in full bloom, some have not started yet. Walk on a small bridge over the little stream which flows into the pond towards the house. Upstream of the creek is a lush valley. Walk the the gravel path through a tunnel of large rhododendron bushes. The pond is surrounded by rhododendrons. Red and yellow, reflecting in the pond. One can glimpse the lake Ringsjön. Many of the plants seems to be recenlty planted, as far as I remember did a lot die a few years ago. The valley is lined with beech forest, with some strange pines. Stroll on the trails around the ponds. Beautiful it is. I have met couple taking their wedding pictures here. I had the intention to eat my packed lunch here, but the  it is still at home. Do not do anything, I drive to  the castle Hovdala at Finjasjön south of Hässleholm, for a simple lunch at Fröknarnas Café, I'm anyway on my way to Hässleholm.