Nature reserve in Bråån valley in beautiful forest and flora between Rolsberga and Löberöd. According to legend, once the haunt of robbers.

The nature reserve Rövarekulan can be reached from the road between Rolsberga and Löberöd. From the road is a narrow gravel road down to a parking place. Rövarekulan is a 20 meter deep valley of the river Bråån.  The slopes of the valley are dominated by deciduous forest , mainly beech. In the bottom are several meadows and pasture land. At the parking place has the river cut into the bedrock, shale which is rich in fossils (colonus). A walk around the valley in the spring offer man different botanical findings. One can find the rare White Butterbur. The valley is well worth  a visit. There are stones  erected 1836 in the  memorial of a visit by the swedish crown prince Oskar (later the king Oskar I) and his family. The hiking trail Skåneleden pass the valley.

April 24, 2019
Drive the road from Löberöds castle to Rolsberga. "Nature reserve" stands a sign that shows in on the narrow gravel road down to the parking lot. A note on the picnic table asks that you should bring back your garbage, there are no trash cans anymore. White Butterbur is largely over bloomed. Ramsons is in bud. In the meadow south of the car park yellow and white anemone. Follows the path upstream. The path up to the memorial stones has got a new staircase. At the bridge flower many Alternate-leaved Golden-saxifrage. The path on the other side of the river is bordered by the sloe. Going further upstream. The path becomes more rugged. A lot of trees and shrubs over the path.

Turns and goes to the stone bridge. Drinking coffee on the bridge. On the slope, cherry trees bloom. Bird Cherry is on the way. On the way down, a big company is rushing by bike down to the parking lot. At the river blooms yellow anemone. The cyclists settle down on the bridge. A guide tells them: "Robbers lay here in ambush, they assaulted the king and his companion. The king escaped". Not a story I heard. Goes to the car. A lot of bikes, some stand in the way of my car. May move them. The company goes on to the youth recreation leader training at Eslövs folkhögskola, tells a woman who helps with moving the bikes.

May 22, 2014
It is ramson time. A little late, but hopefully blossoms still. The west slope is full of them. Going up the path with Skåneleden. In one place the trail is almost collapsed. Passing the stones that are reminiscent of Oskar and Josephine's visit in 1836. In the slope to a ravine, the ground is covered with ramson. Going down to the meadows by the river. Trees have fallen across the path. Even here it is ramson at the forest edge. The bridge over the river looks bad, but can be walked on. On the information sign at the car park was it written that it should be restored. Walking back along the river. Evening meal is taken at the edge of the river. Set the table with salmon salad with potatoes, decorate with ramson flower. At the car park, with the steep slate wall towards the river, there are also ramson. Evening coffee consumed on the old stone bridge.

May 1, 2013: A friend suggests an outing to Rövarekulan, he has never been there. I have not been there at this time of the season. It is unusual lot of people, but it's one of the first warm days of spring. Grill Spirit is a people favourite, evenly distributed between grilling and meadows with just enough distance between home ranges. At the car park and the road to the stone bridge blossoms White Butterbur. From the flora, "White Butterbur is rare and occurs only in southern Sweden." The largest stock of White Butterbur is in Rövarekulan and bloom now.

We sit down with our lunch at Bråån downstream of the bridge. Then we go the path along the river. Past the yellow and white anemones. Lots of wild garlic leaves. The trees are bare, the river sparkles in the sunlight. Go the trail past Skåneleden shelter where one grill sausage. We sit for a moment in the sunshine in the clearing next to the windshield. Following Skåneleden back to the bridge. Talking to a "native". He believes that many park and then stay near the parking lot. Rövarekulan is so much more. Following Skåneleden up in the forest to the memorial stones. No leaves obscure the view down the valley. Going down to the river, a birdhouse may have recently been occupied.

Afternoon coffee will be on Klinta spices and green between Snogeröd and Höör. Berriecheesecake and coffee in the sunshine.

July 22, 2012: Rövarekulan is one of my favorite places. I have repeatedly been here to sit on the bridge with my lunch, but the location on the bridge has each time been busy. Now that I have friends visiting, I take the opportunity to show them Rövarekulan and also have lunch at the bridge. It's a beautiful day. After lunch we walk on the trail that goes around the nature reserve. A visit to the stones that recall the visit of Crown Prince Oscar and Josephina did in 1836. Rövarekulan is popular, families barbecues at the parking lot.

October 17, 2011: A beautiful autumn day, perfect for a walk in Rövarekulan. The tree leaves shine like gold in the sunlight. The meadow at the parking lot is harvested. Walk towards the stone bridge. A man stands on the bridge and relax in the autumn sun. Going over a stile, follow a yellow label trail up the slope. A wooden staircase leads down to the river. Soon I come to a wooden staircase down to a bridge over the river. Pass a wet area on footbridges back to the river. The river turn at a steep slope where the path goes up on the slope. A sign warn for the dangerous precipice. Down there wind the stream. The path is split, into one marked red and one yellow. Follows the red downstream. Going over a stile, follows a stone wall beneath beautiful crowns, to a beautiful arched pedestrian bridge over the river. Go up the fields on the other side. You can go back up here, but I return to the river and have lunch at the barbecue area at the bridge.

Going back and I now follow the yellow trail in greenery of beech. Passing Skåneleden windshield, which looks as before. Walk the road to the old stone bridge. Before the bridge is again stiles into the beech forest. Walk above the precipice towards the river. Passing one more stile, then a gate. The path is on the edge between field and forest, the precipice is steep towards the valley. The path takes me down the slope into a meadow by the river, where a bridge takes me across the river. Walk on the meadow upstream, but it is wet and many tussocks makes it difficult to walk. Returning to the trail. Autumn comes to mind. Leaving the meadow. A jogger pass by. Go up the slope, where creeks join. A slate wall is by the river. Sit down and rest at the water. Nothing is as relaxing as rippling water. Are soon back at the parking lot. Talking to the jogger, he is Sweden's oldest active football player. He has played in Hässleholm once. He know one of my playmates there. Soon plays IFK Hässleholm a qualification against Nike in Lomma. I'm going to watch it. now I go Home. On the fields outside Södra Sandby are storks.

2 June 2010: An evening with the scent of onion
I make an evening trip to Rövarekulan. There are many cars in the parking lot, which has expanded since I was last time here in Nov 2005. The scent of onion from Ramsons is clear, despite all families with children who use the barbecue places. Ramsons is in full bloom, it extends up the slopes with beech. It grows lush near the river. I like Ramsons, also to have it in the salad, but here you are not allowed to pick them. Walk along the river to the barbecue places. Bråån has here uncovered a slate wall, nearly five hundred million years old from the Ordovician period. Younger, from the 1800s, is a stone with an image carved in it. Was most likely done when the passion for the Swedish Viking Age was high. Walk the road to the old stone bridge, this was once the highway, I have food with me which I intended to eat there. The site is occupied by a young couple. Wait for a while and study the light in the river, and hope they soon will leave. No, Well, I return back and sit down at a now vacant barbecue place. Someone forgot to close the toilet door behind him. Then follow the river upstream, studying more slate. At a creek are trees thate seems to be cut halfway up the trunk, it looks ridiculous. What happened? Above it, I think I see a power line, is that why? Walk up the slope through the beech forest back to the car. Young people are practicing car rally driving on the now otherwise empty parking lot and on the road over the old stone bridge. They can apparently either road signs or read.