Radiomuseum in Östra Sallerup
exhibition on the history of radio and apparatus collection.

August 31, 2013
Drive the road towards Östra Sallerup south of Hörby. A high mast sticking up, 323 meters. Hörby Broadcaster is today only for FM radio and TV. The first mast was built in 1937. The current is from from 1959. Medium waves moved in 1985 to Sölvesborg, where it later was closed down. Until 2010 there was also short-wave transmissions to overseas. Rationalized now that everything is sent over the internet.

The Culture house in Östra Sallerup lies at the church. Park there. The museum is unmanned, you may get a key in the culture house. The museum is housed in a small brick building behind the culture house.

The museum will be even better when it is expanded. A room is being prepared to accommodate what once existed on Hörby transmitter. Will make a return visit after that. As I write this it says on the website that it will open Easter 2014.

In the room that is now stands equipment for the home and the military. Old television sets, radios, one of the first radios in Hörby was a Telefunken from around 1930, another unit built in Eslöv 1924. Old valves, measuring devices , mobile phones , where the older models now already is history. From the military corner is air traffic control heard. Also old record players.

Lock and hand back the key in the culture house. Taking a cup of tea and a Swiss roll in the cafe.

Karl XIs stones
Hörby Radioförening
Östra Sallerup culture house