at Stockamöllan. There were several water mills here. Millstones were cut in several places, many millstones remain in the forests. Walking area with several hiking trails.

September 24, 2017
Park outside former shop in Stockmöllan. Now a photo studio. There is flea next to it. Open. Nothing found. Goes past the canoe center across the bridge. The water is flowing. Past the Stenbock stone. To the right on the path north. Black signs.

Many walks into the woods. Looking for fungus. First deciduous forest. Taking points east. Then spruce forest. Much sponges. No chanterelle. Coming to the forest road. Goes north past the millstone. Looking far into the woods on both sides of the road. Here in the woods there were several quarries where millstones were cut. Much sponges. Finger Sponge. Puffball. Nothing known edible. Mostly unknown mushrooms to me.

Coffee and a croissant in a glade by the road. Going back. Follow the forest road towards the country road. Excursions into the woods. Snails of different colors. Out on the country road. To west at tall old oaks. Autumn colors begin to shine. Soon back at the bridge.