Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Höörs gästgivaregård

an inn with traditions from the 17th century.

19 June 2010: Train to Höör. Goes past the pond at Enebacken. Want Coffee. On Berggrenska gården, I once got coffe, it is deserted today. Moving on to Culturehouse Anders, seems also to be closed. Adjacent to it is a small glass-blowing, glass blower Incendi. Interesting with glass, make a short visit. There may be a longer visit at another time. At Höör was in the past millstones made in a nearby quarry. A stone house is partially constructed with millstones. The coffee must be at Höörs gästgifwaregård at the old square. The inn started in 1692. Sitting on the porch, study the Scanian menu. Begin with the press of coffee and a Grönstedts cognac. Inside a room is the princess wedding shown on the big screen. The two seems happy. Not much interest in the wedding, the room is empty. Continuing with the food. Sitting on the porch or in the master suite? It's nice laid out in the dining room. Will be there. As a starter is selected a mighty herring plate and a Barónka, a Czech beer. Main course is marinated kammben with coleslaw. To drink a South African wine, Onyx. It's the World Cup there. Satisfied. Victoria and Daniel go in a grand procession. I have take the train home.

Höörs gästis
Incendi glass-blower
Culture house Anders