beautiful creek valley at Harlösa on the northern slope of the Vomb valley. In the upper part is a stone arch bridge, probably from the 1759.

June 6, 2012: Parks in the parking lot at the view point opposite the church in Harlösa. Goes to the road to Hjularöd. There is a stile into Harlösa brook valley. Skåneleden goes down at the creek, which I walked in 1998 when I went Löberöd - Harlösa. A sign warn that grazing animals can occur, an alternative route is to go on the road. I think the road is dangerous. A bit further up the road is a cross with R.I.P. loved one missing. The road is narrow and curvy, driving fast on it. Does not look to be any cattle here, the grass grows high where I go down to the creek. On the other side of the creek is a cow looking at me. Goes along the creek where the grass is cut for Skåneleden Wanderer. The stream is mostly hidden in the greenery. I'm forced up to a stile at the road. From up here on get views and a glimpse of Vombsjön.

Go down the slope again in the next pasture. There are fences against the stream, but in some places one allow that cattle come down to the water. The stream has at a place cut a sharp edge. A stile takes me into a pasture with grazing horses. The valley is yellow with meadow buttercup. A little blue germander speedwell. One last stile and I'm at a pond. Goes along a field edge to the road. Here is one of Scania's oldest stone arch bridges. A solid construction. According to the inormation plate is the year 1759 carved in a stone, but I can not find it. With a bit of trouble I manage to take me down to the creek to look into the vault.

Continuing along the road you come to Hjularöds castle. I return but walk now high up on the valley side along the road.