Gårdstånga kyrka
northeast of Lund, originating from the 12th century. Famous for it's unique 17-century carvings of woodcarver Jakob Kremberg.

December 4, 2011: "The Church" it says on a sign. I drive in to the church. It is built in the late 12th century, rebuilt and modified over the years. It is beautifully situated at the river Kävlingeån. It has just been service with baptism, and I get a short time to look into the church while they are shutting down after worship and the baptism. At the entrance hangs a painting, a variety of faces looking down at me. Begin by lighting a candle in the light carrier at the pulpit. The church has a stunning interior. Between 1609 and 1628 did the woodcarver Jakob Kremberg make reredos, pulpit, baptismal font with canopy, pews, organ gallery, and chapel railing. Absolutely gorgeous wood carvings. Colour and gilding were removed in the 19th century and thus they have today its oak colour. They were ordered by Anna Brahe in Viderups goods. At the choir is a chapel, which is separated by a railing. The railing is richly decorated with figures and with the trees of knowledge and of life. Anna Brahe's portrait and the headstone of her and her husband Steen Malthesen Sehested is in the chapel. Opposite is a gray-white graceful epitaph in memory of Sehested.

In the 19th century was the decoration paintings on the arches made. It's Christmas time, there are both a tree and nativity scene. They want to close the church so I leave the church. I walk around at the cemetery, past the memorial.

Gårdstånga church