Allarps bjär and Södra Hultarp
Reserve at Hallaröd west of Höouml;r. Allarps bjär is the remains of a volcano, where the elevation is covered with deciduous forest. On the slopes, you can see basalt columns. In the spring wild garlic.

May 10, 2018:
Dry. A cload after the car as we drive the narrow dirt road from Hallaröd to the parking lot at Allarp's bjär. About 100 million ago, active volcanoes were here. Allarps Bjär was one, today a hill with deciduous forest. Goes to the north side, a scree. Moss-covered stones. Nice ferns.

Returns to the track up to the top. A little steep. There is railing to help. Yellow Archangel are on the go. Still blossoms wood anemone. On the top is a picknick table. Goes through the woods to the scree. Here are some basalt pillars from solidified magma. On the other slope, just below the picknick table, you can also see the basalt pillars.

Goes the path forward. Lots of Ramsons. The forest is filled with the smell of them. Most of it is in bud. Some blooming. At a stone wall, of basalt, we turn right. Beautiful forest. Come to a pond. There is a wall at a rock. Coffee break on the rock. Goes the path past the Karrasten, as a real man should one manage to lift the stone. Have given up, do not try this time. Pass a summer meadow. Takes the track below the southern slope. There is a large stock of ramsons. The slope is white of them, Fine. Is back at the parking lot.

May 19, 2012: To Allarps Bjär is a narrow dirt road from Hallaröd. At the foot of bjäret is a parking lot. Walk up the path to the top, quite steep. On top the is my coffee place. We take over after family who leave. Sitting down at the stone wall and eat our lunch. Next to us bloom Yellow Archangel. We are here to see how far the ramson has come. Most are still only in bud. There are other white blooming.

Following Skåneleden through the beautiful forest. Coming to Karrastenen, a large stone as a real man should be able to lift. Like all other times I am not able to move it. Moving on, past rocks, around and under uprooted trees. It is dry except in a marsh, where the dog must be guided by on a stone wall. In a pine grove, we meet Skåneled hikers. Coming back into a sheer hardwood. Here lies one of Skåneleden shelters. A Danish company will spend the night there. They says that there are many Danes who are out walking, some shelters have been full. Nearby is a water pump, try it. Works.

Goes back. Meet some that are out geocaches. "There is a deer kid here," they warn. We have a dog with us, his master takes a long detour. I look at the deer kid, nice and quiet it is. The mother is probably worried nearby. Leaving the site. At Karrastenen we follow the forest road west. Passing a beautiful pond. Beside a pasture is a rock and the remains of something that would probably have been a building. Takes the path that leads up on bjäret. Here, ramson is almost blooming. Walk the path below the summit to the parking lot.

Drive to Trollenäs Castle for coffee at Borgstugan. Coffee and beetroot cake.

Other visits: Allarpsbjär and Södra Hultarp are two neighbouring nature reserves at Hallaröd, west of Höör. Allarpsbjär is what remains of a vulcano, on the hill is a deciduous forest. One reach it from Hallaröd on a gravel road. At the steep slope up to the top is a parking place. During the spring is the flora dominated first by Wood Anemone, and then Ramsons. The hiking trail Skåneleden pass the area, from the top does it continue along the border to fields. One pass Karrastenen, the man that manage to lift it, is a true man. There are a few wet places, e.g. pools. Södra Hultarp is also dominated by deciduous forest, where at one place bare rocks is visible. The parking place at Södra Hultarp is reached from Hallörad, continue towards Billinge, after a few kilometers turn right towards Forestad. Right after the turn is the parking place. Nearby the parking place is a shelter, nicely placed in the forest. The reserves are popular for making an excursion.