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Fulltofta is a nature reserv and a recreational area northeast of the lake Ringsjön and north of Hörby. The area consists of planted spruce and deciduous forest, meadows, and pastureland. The many remains of the past show that it was populated in early history. There are many tracks and forest roads used by many for an excursion. The trail Skåneleden pass through the area. My rough description include also some surroundings of the area worth a visit. At Hästhagen is a parking place and information. There are several minor parking places.

Andrum: a place in the woods in Fulltofta recreational area for meditation, reflection, rest, relax.
Fiskarehus: shoreline along the Ringsjön, with simple bathe, bird watching tower, a pond, oaks.
Fiskestigen: at Bjeveröds fish ponds in Fulltofta hiking area is a 1.6 km accessibility adapted trail along Kvesarumsån. Largely on a boardwalk.
Hovgårdsmöllan: hiking trail past the remains of the watermill Hovgårdsmöllan.
Naturcentrum: in the converted barn at Kvarröd is a cafe and an interactive exhibition about humans and nature.
Prästamöllan: 1.7 km hiking trail in Fulltofta recreation area, past the ruins of Prästamöllan which was a water wheel mill.
Ravinslingan: a for disabled adapted kilometer long path from Fulltofta nature center, partially boarded through the forest along a small valley.
Rundled: Nature center, circular trail on Skåneleden, water mill at Bossaren, garden café in Södra Rörum.
Sankta Magnilds källa: Magnhild is a local Skåne saint, she was killed by her daughter in law 1215. In Fulltofta is a well that ran up on the spot where the carriers put down her coffin to rest.
Torpruiner: in Fulltofta forests. About the hard life as a poorcrofters. Almost forgotten and gone. Still there are ruins left who can tell.
Trädpromenaden: at Fulltofta nature center offers a walk across a stream valley up in the tree tops.

Sankta Magnhilds källa is a spring near Hästhagen. Magnhild was a pious woman who lived around the year 1200. She was killed by her daughter in law 1215. On the way to the funeral in Fulltofta did one drop the coffin. At that place did the spring appear. Many wonders happened at her grave, and she became a local saint; Sankta Magnhild. Hanakällan has a fresh water.

Hällekistan is a stone coffin, probably from late stone age. The coffin is damaged. Other ancient graves, heap of stones, can be found at Mörkret, Landeröd, Slagtofta, and Djupadal. Another type of graves are perhaps domarringar, stone circles, that can be found near Ekeröd. At Nunnäs is a grave field with stone ships.

There are many remains of crofter's holdings, e.g. Vasahus, these belonged to Fulltofta manor seat. The current main building is from the middle of 19th century, but it is known from the middle age. Fulltofta church was built in the 12th century.

The brooks ware used to power mills e.g. Hovgårdsmöllan and Prästamöllan. Hovgårdsmöllan was abandoned at the end of the 19th century. There are today not many visible signs of the mills.

At the beuatiful brook Kvesarumsån grow a swamp forest and meadows. At the brook is a trail well adopated for a wheel chair. Nearby is the fishing pond Bjevrödsdammen.

From Fulltofta church is gravel road to Ringsjön, where there is beach and bird watching tower. My picture is taken at a flood. One can walk north through the forest at the shore to Nunnäs, there as well is a bird watching tower and a small beach at Nunnäs. Further north is the point Häggenäset. A tower is also at the wetland at Enebacken. Nearby is the restored pond , Store Damm. At Ringsjön is the pond Gäddängen.

Sjömossahus is what remains from a large bog. Where Skåneleden pass is open water and there grow Hare's-tail Cottongrass.

Kvarröds old farm has been converted to naturcentrum, with information about the naturen. There is also a small café. Cottages can be rented.

The half-timbered cottage Ramstorp is far as I know a museum.

The road between Hörby and Södra Rörum pass through a wonderful beech forest.

4/10 2008: Drove to Fulltofta and parked at the parking place at the road to Nunnäs grave field and the path Hovgårdsmöllan. Walked the blue path (Björkhagen) which pass Prästamöllan. Prästamöllan was a water mill of which today only the foundation remains. But the place is nice and well suited for a coffee break. Continued through forest on the path which is roughly 1.5 km long.



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