Vombsjön nordost
on Lake Vombsjön, walk on path on abandoned railway, below a slope with beautiful deciduous forest. On a sandy beach up to a bathing.

October 4, 2019
On the north side of the road north of Lake Vombsjön where the forest begins in the west is a parking pocket. Last time someone was angry with us: "we don't park here like that". We had parked the car along the road, not as you should perpendicular to the road. Have never seen anyone park so otherwise. So I stand along the road, as I usually do. On the other side of the road is a path through the forest down to the embankment after the railway to Sjöbo. Goes down on an opening at the seafront. Reed grow along the shore and some stones to cross. Then fine sand. It's cinnamon buns day, cinnamon buns are purchased at Eva's home bakery in Södra Sandby. Coffee with cinnamon bun in the sunshine. Then goes further east on the embankment. Lots of hops. Here and there were openings to the lake. Finally we come to the long fine sandy beach with swimming area. Out in the water are some birds. On the beach many mussels shells. You could swim, have no bathing suits and the water in their places is green. The sun is shining, but clouds sail slowly in from the south. On the beach to the south are lots of geese. Do not want to disturb them, study them through the binoculars from a sandbank, and then return. The clouds are sealing, the bathing feeling is gone. Walking again on the embankment. No one objected to my parking.

October 25, 2008
Parking at Övedskloster. Trying to walk the gravel road past the castle to get down to Vombsjön, stopped by 'Workplace. Unauthorized do not have access'. Trying to make a circular motion through the forest grove. A fence prevents me and a deer. The next attempt is to round the castle via the country road towards Sjöbo. Take instead the castle to the right on pasture along the castle park, and end up on a road that takes me to the lake. Along the driveway grows an oak, an everlasting tree. At the lake is a path that seems to be on an old railway embankment. Has there been a railroad here? I walk on the beach first, until the vegetation forces me onto the embankment and the path. I follow it north between the lake and autumn forest. To the right is a slope with beautiful autumn painted beech forest. Where the slope ends, a path goes up. It ends after about ten meters on the country road. A path goes up the slope inside the forest, wherever it go I must examine another day. An Icelandic horse emerges from the embankment. The rider can confirm that there has been a railway here, Landskrona - Kävlinge - Örftofta - Harlösa - Sjöbo. I go down to the water's edge, sit on a dead tree trunk, admire a grass, look for bird, drink coffee. Autumn glows from the trees along the lake. At the eastern Vombsjön there is a bathing place, many years ago I bathed there a beautiful October day as today. I go back and continue south alternating on the path and beach from where I came down. Mussels gap lifelessly. Through a pine grove, and then I stand at the empty bathing place. There is a parking, down a narrow road, and toilets. I do not feel for a swim today, but return to the car. In the parking lot is a message about a guided tour today to the site of the Battle of Borst. I missed it, maybe another time.