Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Church visits - 20091004

Saritslöv church ground, Västra Vemmenhög church, Lilla Beddinge old cemetery, Lilla Beddinge church.

4 October 2009: Drive towards the Skåne south coast to visit some friends. In Skurup I turn to the west on Saritslöv road. It takes me out to pastures and fields. In a pasture north of the road is a wooded hill. There is room to park the car. An information board informs about nothing, it is bleached and unreadable. Here was a church that was abandoned in the 1500s when the parishes were merged. What is left of the church is not easy to see. To the west is a steep slope. In the middle grow an oak in something circular. Some stones might be something? It has fine views over the countryside. It blows sharply, almost gale. The gravel road continues west to a junction where I can turn the car.

Drive to Västra Vemmenhög, this was the place of the farm which was a model for the farm of Nils Holgersson journey through Sweden on the back av of a goose, a book written by Selma Lagerlöf. Someone did not like it and burned it down. Tried also with the church but it remains. The priest is preparing for church service so I can get into the church. Light, as usual, a candle. The church has a stone tower, built in 1810-12. The rest of the medieval church was rebuilt in 1867, the tower were retained. The priest shows me a picture with information about the tower construction. On the outside of the tower above the door is a stone plate with the names of those who built it. She and I go out and study it, hard to see the text.

Next stop is Lilla Beddinge old cemetery. An exciting place with old tombstones. I walk around on the lawn, between the tombstones and hedgerows. The church was demolished in the 1800s and a new was built some distance away. A large yellow church, which is locked. I'm running out of time, drive to the sea which is in an uproar of the gale, and on to a good dinner.


Västra Vemmenhög