Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Ystad Art museum

21/3 2009: By train to Ystad. It is the last day of the photography exhibition 'Floating moment' on Ystad Art museum. It is part of Scania's photo biennial 'Photography in Focus'. It appears to be interesting pictures, including different moments in the same image, the same place at different times, stuffed deer back in their environment. There are other more permanent collections. It is time for lunch, we go to Ystads brewer. I eat a good fish soup, to that the brewer's own beer 'Ystads färsköl'. Satisfied we go to the monastery that houses Ystad museum. Here we study the exhibition 'Throw the shit', about the things we throw away. The major exhibition is "The power and holiness" about the monastery and Ystads medieval history. The monastery was founded in 1267 as a Fransiskanermonastary. That death was near, and sometimes violent, witness some scheletons about. We are looking in the monastery church. There, three siblings Thott discuss. Thott played a major role in the events. This is Wallander city, the police in the Henning Mankell novels. When I buy a postage stamp in Pressbyrån, Wallander buy a newspaper. It is the actor Krister Henriksson, says my friend, he is playing Wallander. I know nothing. We are on a Wallander cake, but Fridolf bakery has closed fot the day. We have a coffee at a pizzeria waiting for the train.

Floating moment