Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Monestary garden

with herb garden, cabbage garden, rose garden, pond, peony garden.

1 Aug 2010: Walk from St. Mary's Church to the monastery. Passing on the way the Pottery Ystad in the old pharmacy, where a ceramic model of the night-watchman are made. The night-watchman blow each night in his horn, a custom since at least the 1700s, indicating that everything all is well. In the monastery is Ystad historical museum, which I have visited previously. Outside is the monestary pond, I walk around the pond to the peony garden, where most are over blossomed. The garden is rather hidden, I think not many people find their way here. On the north side of the monastery is (in my view) a beautiful herb garden with medicinal plants, perhaps did the convent garden look like this. In one part is a cabbage garden, with vegetables grown. In the rose garden is most of the roses over blossomed. A small fountain is beautifully decorated with rose petals. A quick visit into the Church, a municipally church. The siblings Thott stand and discuss, like last time I visited them.


Coffee time, go to the cafe Bäckahästen. Bäckahästen, was a horse that attracted children to ride on it, and then drag them down into the water and they drowned. In Ystad is Bäckahästen a coffee house. At the entrance stand Bäckahästen as sculpture. It is too good weather to sit inside, sit down in the garden with a coffee and raspberry pie with vanilla sauce.