Västra Vombsjön
handicap adapted observation tower overlooking the meadows west of the lake and part of the lake, with picnic table, and a simple beach. Otherwise, the shore is rugged along the lake.

March 10, 2012: It is said that the cranes are on their way. Drive to the bird tower at the meadows west of the lake Vombsjön. It is located next to the road that follows Vombsjön. The tower has a ramp so that a wheelchair can also be run up to the tower first ledge. An information board is telling you what there is to see. This is part of Klingavälsåns Nature Reserve. At the tower is picnic table and barbecue. I park and climb up the tower. The meadows are partially flooded. Hear geese in the distance. Can see some graylags go out on the meadows. To the east I can see out over Vombsjön. Out there swims a single golden-eye. It's probably too early for cranes. A red kite is sailing over the treetops far away.

Leaving the tower for a walk along the lake. Further south along the road is also a sort of parking. Go there. There is a car seat, and a rusty grill. Sometimes when I've been here, there have been some who camped. A few times I have bathed here. It is a bit stony and shallow, but it is possible anyway. Go south. The shore is right rough, at times I have to go out in the water. Trees are struggling to gain a foothold with its roots in the sand. The last remnants of ice is losing the battle against the spring. Finally, after a few hundred meters, is it almost inaccessible.

Go back along the lakeshore to the car park opposite the bird tower, last meters through dense shrubbery. Sit down with my coffee break at the table overlooking the lake. Even here you can take a dip in the lake, better than at the other location. But I do not feel like a bath, cold both in the water and the air. Finishing my coffee and go home.