Sjögårdens kaffestuga
along Road 104 north of Vombsjön in an old house. Coffee served in brass can, waffles, cakes. Small shop with various things.

Some visits: the coffee house is located on the road north of Vombsjön. It is open spring through fall, exact hours seems to depend on the weather, but on Sundays I think is a pretty safe day. I stop sometimes when I pass and open sign is up. There are many who do, eg motorcycle enthusiasts. One spring day had a bunch of fiddlers from the British Isles stopped for coffee, spontaneously sat down and played for us. You sit at a table and order there when the owner shows up. Coffee and waffle or cake dish is the most common. Served in the classic can. In bad weather is there space inside. Society can book, I could once benefit from  a party celebrating a birthday, and could then choose a margareta pastry. There is a small shop selling various things.