Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Övedskloster

Castle northeast of the lake Vombsjön.

31 July 2010: The avenue at Övedskloster is always beautiful. I park the car in the parking lot outside the castle. The castle is private, but the park is open for the public between 7-16. During the Middle Ages, it was a monastery, from that time is nothing left. The current building is from the 1700s. In a field with a maypole are several llama. Passing through the portal to the cobbled courtyard. 'To the Garden' is it written on a sign, showing me to a lawn past a building. Walk past a gazebo overlooking the park. Goes down a staircase to the garden. Take left onto a gravel path. There are varied avenues and lawns. A large copper beech decorate a lawn. Goes through a tunnel of trees. Heading south from the castle is a lawn, lined with pedestals with flower pots. At the far end is a fountain. Walk west but meet a sign, 'private'. Towards a wing beside the palace are dazzling roses. Turning down to the fountain again, there is a bridge crossing a creek. A stile leads into a field, a creek winds up, cows look at me. On the field is a recently restored wetland. Walk towards the lake Vombsjön, last time I was here one could go over the field. Now it is an electric fence in the way, it can be unhooked, but I return because I feel it is time for a bath. Go back to the car to drive to the beach at the eastern part of Vombsjön.