Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Löberöd

5 December 2009: applied art at Löberöd castle church
The car must be exercised sometimes, despite the climate change. I take a chance that it this weekend is the annual exhibition before Christmas at Löberöd castle, just west of Löberöd. At Brödåkra, I get confused, the grove at the intersection is cut down. Yes it is applied art in the former Löberöd castle church, for the tenth year. A rigid cat is guarding the entrance, is 20 SEK in the entry. The castle, situated at a pond, was built in 1798-1799 in its current form. I will start in the castle church, hats, tramp handicraft, article of wrought tin and more. On the organ loft, it is ceramic. Then I go into the building next door. On the walls hang paintings. A woman work with leather, 'lädergalanterist'. It hangs a horse saddle and harness. A small chamber (Brygghuset) display clothes, wrought tin, and jewelry. In the next small store are lemon paintings and mulled cider. In  selkammaren is handmade candles. In addition, cafeteria, coffee, cakes, and soup. I'm hungry. Take a good goulash soup and a Julmust. I go out. A man tell me that it will be beautiful with marshalls, when darkness fall. Unfortunately, I have to drive home.