Dalby hage
west of Dalby consist of the national park Söderskog,  with forest och flowers in the spring, Norreskog with a nice beech grove, in between pasture land.

March 27, 2016
A spring day. A lot of people, well attended parking lot. Go round around the forest. Wood anemone about to bloom. Some Red Bird-in-a-bush likewise. Does not seem to be as lush as I recall. Many fallen and dead trees. Paths and bridges made on. Rehabilitated prior to the National Park is 100 years 2018.

An autumn stroll through the Söderskog, across the pasture, and then Norreskog.
October 30, 2010: 'Beware of slipping' a sign says. The wet autumn leaves that decorate the boardwalk make it slippery. They have poured gravel on it. Fallen trees lie over the creek. Autumn leaves begin to cover the ground. The path runs through the forest Söderskog, and then over a stile out on the pasture north of the forest. The pasture is like a lawn. In a field next to it graze horses. Crossing the pasture to the forest Norreskog. Climb over a stile to a opening that divide the forest. Wet and lumpy, come to a forest road. A stile takes me into a beech forest. This is where I drink my coffee. Crossing the opening towards west, here is a more scrubby forest. A picnic table has probably not been used for a long time. Follow a path to the west, where a stile take me out to under oak trees and out on the pasture. There are many who are out and moving. A creek crosses the pasture. Jumping on stones to get over. Strolling back through the Söderskog. Looking to the stream that runs through the forest, autumn leaves frame it. Walk the boardwalk to the parking lot. Oops! I make almost a fall. The slippery warning is justified.

Spring flowers in the Dalby Söderskog
17 April 2010: Listening on "nature morning" in the radio channel P1. The field reporter is on Kungsmarken outside Lund. Wood anemones is about to flower she reports. In the afternoon I drive to Dalby Söderskog south east of Lund. One of Skåne's three national parks. A rather scrubby park, with many fallen trees, but the spring bloom is usually enjoyable. In the parking lot are 5-6 cars. To the south is a view of the agricultural landscape of Skåne. Wood anemones are in the pipeline, as well as Yellow anemones. I sit down to take a picture of a flower. Passers-by wonder what kind of flower it is.  Bird-in-a-bush. Exist as white and red. Take a picture of something I do not recognize. A woman asks what it is. Sorry, do not know, have to look it up at home. An elderly couple with walker is passing by, 'a wonderful time' they greet. Right here is the path boarded and with picnic areas. Continuing on the path, past the 'long path', and around the park back to the parking lot. At home do I search for what kind of flower I photographed. Concludes that it is Alternate-leaved Golden-saxifrage.

23/5 2009: Tomorrow is the National Park day, I drive to my nearest National Park: Dalby Söderskog (South Dalby Forest), which lies just west of Dalby. It is not the oldest National Park, it was formed in 1918, and is quite small, 36 hektar. The first National Parks in Sweden was formed 100 years ago, in 1909. On my recent visit, last winter, it was no life in the woods. Now, the greenery has taken over, most flowering is over, bird song flows to me. Dead trees stand. Good for the insects. I follow the path around the edge of the woods, with some detours into the greenery. Goes on the bridge over the rippling creek. Gnarled trees lining the trail. I walk out on Hästhagen north of the forest, a nature reserve, with the ban to make fires. I sit down at a place of a crime,  and look out over the field. Enters the shadow of the tress again. The leaves of the late Ash is on the way out. The path takes me back to the car park. People are in the process of change to the party clothes. It is not to celebrate the national park, they drive off to an other celebration.

20/12 2008: I drive to Dalby söderskog to locate the earth embankment that goes around the area. The embankment may be a residue of an ancient stronghold. It is marked on the map, which is at the parking lot. I walk on the boarded handicap trail to the northern side of the woods. Storms have ravaged the forests, and fallen trees are abundant. It looks troubled. 3-3. I note which of those I meet who greets. I leave the trail to go out to the border with the grazing land north of the woods, where the earth embankment goes along border. The enmbankment is insignificant, about one meter high. After a while I cross a brook in a depression. It is rugged and wet. A path runs diagonally back to the parking lot. It goes along the embankment which here can be seen more clearly. It starts to blow heavily. The trees crack, branches drop. It is much loose hanging in the trees. Time to to leave. I conclude with coffee and cake at Skryllegården restaurant.