in Kristianstad with arthall, shop, café.

28 Feb 2010: I inaugurate my new bag. A Haglofs Tight Large, the same model as the by now wornout faithful servant. Take the bus Skåneexpressen 1 from Ericsson Lund to Kristianstad, the stop is now called Lund North Interchange. From the Travel Center in Kristianstad, I go to the Great Square. Where time stands still, here is a work of art with the letters TID (Time), even though the work is called "Time goes by". Another art show Icarus hit into the water and splits up. At the Square is the regional museum and art gallery. Outside stands a few works of art. Outside the entrance stands the naked Pomona, goddess of fruit and gardens in Roman mythology. The museum is housed in an old brick house. In senior compulsary school I did my practical vocational orientation at the museum as an archaeologist, it was 1967, and I do not think anyone will remember me. At the reception desk is a small shop. The art gallery show a photo exhibition by Mary Miesenberger, 'blurred' family album pictures where people are black silhouettes. In the museum, I look at the permanent exhibitions 'millennia of Scania', 'C400 - the story of Kristianstad,' textiles, 'Skåne and the movie' i.e. movies related to Scania. The first feature film in Sweden was shot in Kristianstad 1909. It is the last day of the exhibition 'Discover the Earth'. Easily understood about how our home in the universe works, for better or worse. Volcanoes, earthquakes have shaped our changing planet. At the Museum is the Café Miro. It is almost full, a larger party have booked for lunch. I eat a decent  Mediterranean pie (feta cheese, olives, roasted peppers). There is no light beer, take a strong beer instead. Coffee afterwards do I take at the distinguished Conditori Duvander. A 'real Café' is it advertised as. Popular it is. With the coffee, I can not resist a raspberry mousse. Go to the Travel Centre by Lilla Torg with its chime. Last time I was here, were one rebuilding after a fire which in 2005 destroyed half a block.

There is a photo ban in the art gallery and museum, so I have no pictures from the exhibitions.

Regional Museum
Conditori Duvander

Map: Regional Museum
Map: Conditori Duvander