Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Västra Strö

the viking age Västra Strö monument, also known as Thule stones or Tullehögen, is composed of five standing stones and two rune stones in a field at the Västra Strö church west of Eslöv.

12 February 2011
Drive the road from Trollenäs castle to Västra Strö. I can see the monument stones stick up on the ground west of the church. Sets the car at the church. Go west on the gravel road. There on a field islet is the Västra Strö monument. Five standing stones and two rune stones. It is winter and the ground is frozen. Around the island it is not yet plowed. At the pretzel that marks the location is a little step up to the path over the field. A mighty Viking monuments which probably stands on its original site. The legend tells that a young girl from Trollenäs castle, visible to the south, was abducted by the troll who lived in the pile. She was never found. Trolls are probably not interested in me, so I dare me out.

The monument is signposted. On the plaque is two maps. One is a woodcut from 1628 in which the stones, as seen from the south, are numbered 1 to 7. The other is a modern sketch, I think there is something wrong with it? Ah, the road and the sign is drawn on the wrong side.

Västra Strö stone 1
Father cut these runes after Asser, his brother, who in north died in viking.

Västra Strö stone 2
Father cut stone after Björn, who owned ship with him.

On the back of the stone 2, is carved a mask. On the side there should be a human couple, but it has probably eroded.

Central is a small cylindrical stone, number 7. A farmer took it home, then it started to haunt him, and it was quiet only when the stone was moved back.

14 April 2006
On my previous visit, we were joined by a sociable cat. It walked with us from the church where I parked the car. A cat interested in runes!