nature reserve by the Eastern Ring Sea southwest shore, with walking trails, beach cliff, remains of a quarry, a beautiful beech forest.

May 6, 2012: Take the road from Snogeröd towards Höör. At Klinta spices and vegetables is a gravel road to the east. Drive in and follow it to a parking lot. Then goes on the road north to the reserve where a sign informs. Adjacent to where the sign is the remains of a quarry from around 1900. One took the red and white sandstone. Wood anemones are in the end, Yellow Archangel are about to flower. A good path leads through the green forest. The path forks, I choose to follow the edge of the beach cliff. Cliff was once the shore, the lake was lowered 1883. A few trees are clinging desperately to remain at the precipice. Behind the trees you can see Ringsjön. Ramsons flowers are in bud, Yellow Anemone still bloom in yellow. At the remains of a house where flax was prepared is a path going down to the lakeshore. Follow it. White Butterbur has gone to seed. Following the cliff a short distance south, at a place is the sandstone visible. Returning to the path through the springgreen beech forest. Coming up to the northern end, where a trail leads back along the field edge. But I walk the road to Ringsjö Wärdshus. Behind me is the Klintaskogen visible beyond the fields. The inn serves a salmon and herring table. But I feel for an entrecote with ramsonsbea, it's ramson times. Tastes good. Then returns to Klintaskogen, follow the path along the fields, rape has begun to flower. Passing through the beautiful forest. Further into the forest is a spruce grove. Ferns unfolds. Dog's Mercury is also about to bloom.

Since I am close Klinta spices and vegetables do I drive to it. Sit down with a coffee and carrot cake. I have a picture of a cat in the greenhouse that I took 2003. I am curious if the cat is still alive, ask the owner, unfortunately the cat is dead. But her friend, who I meet, is still alive. The owner seems to be pleased to have the picture.

Klinta kryddor & grönt
Ringsjö Wärdshus