Hovdala castle
A castle with memories from snapphanar (guerilla soldier in the 17th century) and a recreational area south of the lake Finjasjön.

6 June 2010: One has closed my usual parking lot, I have to park in the new. There is a bicycle path from Hässleholm, and there are some who ride bicycles here. The castle was burned during the turbulent times in the 17th century, namely 1676. What remained was the tower, the rest was rebuilt. On the other side of what was once a moat is the main building. In the old stable at the tower is a shop and a buffet lunch in the restaurant Mikkelsen (named after the ancestor of family Ehrenborg who owned the castle). That is too much food for me for lunch, just want a sandwich and a beer in the café Fröknarnas Café (after the last Ehrenborg at the castle). It's nice weather, go outside. I'm early, the rush has not begun yet. It is a popular destination, peaceful, nice, and with pleasant surroundings to walk in. Go over what has been a moat, through the gates of the south and the north wing, to the garden. Not much has been established yet, but it will. Continues to the Orangery where it is an embroidery exhibition, not for me. Last time I was in there it was on a school anniversary reunion. Coming to think of that this year it is 50 years since we started in the school. As time passes! Time to run to the coffee at Kafé Verum in Verumsgården in Hässleholm.

1 June 2008: I want to visit the library ruin, despite many visits here I have never been before at it. It is located in the woods a short distance from the castle. I walk on the road there, passing over a viewpoint with a table. The library was built in the late 1700s, and as the name suggests it was meant as a library, but it was not completed when the owner of the castle died. Now it is here as a stone ruin, Walk through the forest back down to the castle. There are activities at Fröknarnas Café in the former stables. Turning to the main building, known as Nora's vanity, continue over the courtyard and out on the other side at the garden that is not so developed yet. The Orangery, it seems to be an event there so I will not go into it. Drive to my relatives.