long broad valley between Rolsberga and the lake Ringsjön, with a royal spring and treasure trove.

April 7, 2012: King's spring
I park the car outside Gudmuntorp church. Near the church is a sign "Kungskällan" (King's spring) pointing down into the broad valley Pinedalen. I follow the track down in the valley and up the other side. Coming up to a narrow road that leads down to a house. Halfway down the road is the spring.

The spring, which is named after the swedish king Karl XIV (king 1818 - 1844) who visited the spring, is overlooking the valley. The legend say that also Gustav III (king 1772 - murdered 1792) have been here. The leaves of Ramsons is surrounding the paved edges of the spring. Wood anemones are blooming. The spring water flows through a concrete channel. Maybe you can drink it today too, but I do not dare to take a chance. A stoned path is leading to the rill. On the edge is a memorial stone, rather difficult to read the text. Can clearly see the word "DIKTAT", the whole might be:

E. Tegner

E. Tegner

Maybe. In any case the poet Esaias Tegnér was here 1819.

I remember that when I walked Skåneleden here in 1998 did I hear shots from a shooting range. I walk along the eastern side of the valley, and come to a small shed. A note from 2004 tells me that it is an elk shooting training range. At the shooting range is a rail to pull a moving object. Returning back over the valley, I am strengthening me with a pear.

December 21, 2008: Treasure
I park at Gudmuntorp church. Then I follow Skåneleden down in Pinedalen. Pinedalen is a broad valley with wooded slopes south of the Ringsjön. The valley is mostly pasture land. I'll try to find a memorial stone, which on the Skåneleden map should be where the path crosses the valley. It should be round and lie on the edge of a sparse hilly forest. A squirrel runs up a tree. I walk around the tree to get a picture of it, but it is hiding all the time behind the strain. We are doing our game for a while until I get tired and give up. When I almost reach Lunnarna without having seen any stone do I return. Where the path crosses the valley do I walk around and looking in the forest, slopes, and even far out on the open valley. Nothing. I have one last go at the slope in the east, where the forest is sparse and hilly. Goes up to the crest. Hm, in a field in the north and against a fir plantation is a large stone. I have already overtaken it twice but without reflect about it. Maybe. The last attempt. A large orange blob is painted on the stone, "Jönstorps Bronsfynd 1972" is engraved on it. Finally. It was here found findings from the Bronze Age. I wonder where the finds has gone? I was here ten years ago and then, I did not notice the stone. I eat my lunch sitting in the sparse and hilly woods before I go back. At Löberöd castle am I overtaken by two cars at high speed. In Flyinge is a car in my butt. I make an extra turn in the roundabout to escape. You have to have such a hurry?