Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Norra Rörum

29/3 2009: Folkets hus in Dösjebro and a rock in Norra Rörum.

I drive to Folkets hus in Dösjebro where an acquaintance exhibit watercolors at an art and craft fair. She is not there. But it is fine paintings, she has sold one. On one wall is a large painting of the old bridge in Dösjebro, in the background Karaby church and hills. It is probably permanently there. I buy a bottle of crowberry juice, I did not know that you can make juice of crowberry. I walk out. Outside is a dance-floor, there is no woman to dance with and no music. Just as well, I can not dance. I'll drive away alone as I came, past Röstånga to Färingtofta, where I visit the church. Completely rebuilt in the 1820s, else is it from the 13th century. It is beautifully situated at a height from which the stone tower has views over the surroundings. Drive to Norra Rörum, passing Vägasked, Christian Center South Wilderness Center it says. Previously, it was also wild there, on the dance-floors and in the bushes. I was not so wild, I could not dance at that time either. Sets the car below the church in Norra Rörum and walk north on the road that goes north to Tyringe. To the left is a fence. After one kilometers is a gravel road to the farm Eket. A slightly rotten stile, but I manage to climb into the enclosure in one piece. Passing beautiful pastures, crawling under a fence, walk past a depression, and reach a small road. Follow it to the south. Another stile, but the road takes me through an open gate. Coming into a forest. A ten-meter high rock rise up suddenly. Below the rock is an open place. I wonder if I should climb up. There are those who do. Not me. I walk around it in a beautiful beech forest and up on the top. It is a bit steep, untrained as I am is my heart beating hard. Short pause. From the top is a nice view. Continue down to the gate and back. At the depression, I have a chat with an aging tree stump over a cup of coffee. When I start the car to drive home it starts raining. When I open the car door at home do the rain cease and the sun breaks up the clouds. I sit in the sun with a glass of crowberry juice, very good!